Gragg sighting

Wow must have been a helluva week of practice for the Hogs. We got guys ready to play this week that we haven’t been able to trust before…, Gragg, Wallace…
Must have been some high level coaching going on.

Brandon Martin, Zach Rogers, Will Gragg, Brian Wallace and I’ve seen Lamichael Pettway. You can see why Brandon Martin was highly recruited.

On the flip side I haven’t seen Jeremy Patton.

Patton is hurt


Read somewhere Hammonds was in a walking boot earlier this week. Don’t know where that came from or if it’s true

If we had played the same guys people undoubtedly would have whined about that, too.

While that is true, a head coach that is continually grasping at straws in his fifth season is the primary catalyst for whining by some who are used to saying cowboy up.

I don’t believe it’s whining. All of a sudden, we’re seeing players that were deemed not ready to play at this level. I too question why now when we were playing the best team in the nation. I know some will say he has to try something and I agree. Some of the players were 4 star recruits. So why haven’t they played earlier?

As I have noted, his mother, my wife and I all went to school together in Newport and have remained good friends.

It’s been tough for them with Chris getting hurt and not being able to play with his NFL teams and Will being buried on the depth chart.

It’s been a long road for Will, but he’s finally getting there.

Good to see.

As for Wallace, I don’t get it, but I also have a hard time believing that there wasn’t some issue. Because these coaches are about - it seems likely - about to lose their jobs and I can’t believe they would be deliberately trying to sabotage themselves.

Jalen Merrick is a four-star still not playing and not on the two deep. He did not play football until his junior season. It would appear all of the schools that offered him did so purely on potential.

and no one but me would believe that PERHAPS the change would have to do with a change in team leadership? Where would we be today if we had given this change a little earlier with a little more conviction? Certainly we will be better next season because we tested this change with commitment. I just hope that this change does not go into a little hole and disappear until preparation for next season. This “change” needs to have continual exposure in a meaningful way, as in several series in all of the remaining games. Not saying a permanent change, just a meaningful change.

Dead horse, dead horse. Here come Jeff!!

I am not the smartest man around, but I’m having trouble comprehending what you are saying.

Possibly something about the QBs?

Who, me? Actually I was responding to Rzbackangler. Sorry. Recall he asked why some player’s light bulb suddenly switched on? I was responding to that with my personal theory as to why, and sure it has to do with a change (not permanent) at QB.


It seems likely statement? Mid season ,end of season ? Is this your gut feeling, inside knowledge or what you believe should transpire or all the above? WPS

Agreed. Personally I think there is too much noise about “obvious” mistakes on who should be on the field this season. Nobody has more information than the coaches on the relative abilities of these players, and they have self-interest to get the best players on the field. Coaches make mistakes, but I doubt it’s obvious that player X is better than player Y. The differences are probably on the margins. CBB and Enos just don’t seem to have enough O-linemen that can do what they need them to do against quality defenses, and it may cost them their jobs.