Gragg at Arkansas 2000 - 2006. Was there when Gus was on staff...........

…in 2006. Wonder how well they knew each other?

That’s interesting. Let’s add to the rumors…he musta been approved by Gus :wink:

Gus was at the UA in 2008. I think he was at Springdale High School in 2006.

Nope. His big season was in 2005 and then he went to the Razorback’s staff. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … or_219976/”></LINK_TEXT>

Now Gus and Gragg came and went during the same year so there may not be much overlap.

Gragg called him “High School” and it hurt his feelings. This is a bad sign for the Gus Sniffers.

You are correct. They were here at the same time for one year.

I thought it was Reggie Herring that did that.

Perhaps. I know the stories talked about how Gus was roughed up in the coaches meetings during that time. He probably received a few ole Dutch Rubs from Herring. Who knows?

Maybe so. When Reggie wasn’t too busy talking about the size of his body parts. I don’t miss him.

It was Reggie “big mouth” Herring!

Herring made the comment and Nutt laughed like a little girl. Don’t blame the wrong person!

Sounds like you were there. Did you hear it?

This thread doesn’t sound so much like a sports thread but a gossip column.

No, I was told by someone who was. Old history. They all resented Gus at that time. Easy to get the names mixed up.