Graduate transfer rule revised by SEC

NCAA had already done this, SEC is following suit. A player who has his degree can transfer to a new school to work on a second bachelor’s degree rather than having to enroll in grad school.

Makes a lot more sense. Often times, you can find a second bachelor’s degree that makes more sense in what you might do as a career.

I agree. I have almost 300 college credits, and two bachelor’s degrees to show for them. One started my first career which lasted 11 years. The second propelled me into this career which hits the 25 mark in August. Almost no overlap between the two, except they both involve asking people questions that are none of my business.

This does indeed make more sense. A 2nd bachelors is win for these kids. I’ve lamented for years how I wish I’d gotten a 2nd undergrad degree in business or something that helps me run small business(medical practice) bc we all get out and don’t have a clue about the business side of things. I spent the first 20 years of my private career learning it on the fly. I’ve suggested to the local colleges here and the med schools that they oughta have a “medical business” core minor track for these kids to get at least a minor in this stuff. Premed, pre-dent, PT/OT, and other pre-professionals could use this skill set.
Sorry for my digression.

Many professions need help with the business and financial side. A couple of years ago I visited an old Navy friend who stayed in and became a Master Chief PO band leader. After retirement he had a small consulting business helping other musicians sort through their taxes, not an easy thing for an independent contractor and union man. Accurate records were paramount for avoiding the gaze of the all-seeing eye of the IRS.