Do the coaches already know academic status of players for first semester? Anybody know whether there are issues?

I assume grades are monitored frequently by Muss staff…

I guess I should rephrase the question(s). I know that coaches monitor academics. The issue is at what point would a player become ineligible due to academics? Is it after the grades are posted at the school? Is it at the start of the 2nd semester? Does “probation” constitute ineligibility or is there a very specific number of credit hours or GPA that a player has to maintain to play a sport in the NCAA/SEC/Arkansas? I guess football would be another one to be concerned about this time of year as I would guess that if a player became ineligible based on first semester grades that they could not play in the bowl game.

Difficult to become ineligible in basketball in first semester. Can be done. But they have a cushion from summer school.

Ronnie Brewer monitors class attendance daily. They know who is not going to class and fix it. That will get you out of practice and did for some in the fall. Getting out of practice means you work extra with strength coach.

They will be eligible.


What are the academic requirements to remain eligible? What is the minimum amount of hours an athlete is required to be enrolled to maintain eligibility?
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You have to pass 24 in a year. It would be 12 per semester. Except you could pass several courses in summer and not have to do 12 in the fall. Since they go to summer classes on scholarship, no one is ever ineligible anymore. It’s almost unheard of for a scholarship player not to get those hours.

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