Grad Transfer to keep an eye out for? (Basketball)

Tory Miller-Stewart of Colorado. He requested his release and will be eligible to be a grad transfer. … er-stewart

For those that don’t know he’s Clint McDaniel’s nephew. … recruiting

Hogs were recruiting him pretty hard in 2014, I remember a lot of people thought he was a lock to be a Hog, but we ultimately decided to go with Trey Thompson over him and kinda stopped recruiting him, and he ended up at Colorado. He broke his foot last year, that’s why he’ll be eligible for a 5th year. His stats aren’t eye popping but he was a solid starter for Colorado and he’s a big, powerful, athletic big man. If a spot opens out whether it be early departure or transfer, I’m wondering if staff will purse him. Curious to Dudley’s and RD thoughts on this.

It’s very early. Anything is possible.

Because of recreational pot being legal in CO it may be a tougher transition for some CO college kids to come to the SEC

Supposedly it stays in your system up to about two weeks. Plenty of time to get ready for a test.

Marijuana may be legal in Colorado, but it’s still included in NCAA drug testing. Penalty for testing positive for any street drug is loss of 50% of the season for that sport.