Grad transfer QBs

Below is what you have available right now, but you can expect others announcing plans to leave their particular schools. … fers-2019/

My favorite word fluid is the proper word here. They will not make a move unless they think it will make an improvement.

I see Ean Pfeifer is on the list. Could that be an option for us? Him coming back home and playing his final 2 years as a grad transfer for the Razorbacks would be nice. I know he’s not a QB but seen his name and thought I would ask.

He’s downsizing to play TE, from what I’ve read. We don’t have a scholarship available for someone switching positions and who basically hasn’t played in two years due to injuries.

Oh, I didn’t know he was trying to go TE. I knew he started at OT last year and I know we could use a seasoned SEC lineman.

This may not be a popular opinion but I really don’t want to see a grad transfer bandaid. Develop the QB’s we have and build for the future. There’s a lot of holes to fill all over the field.

Not that anybody cares, but I couldn’t agree more!

I’m with you Army. We need players with talent not castoffs.

How many of the current QBs do you think have SEC talent? I think one

It’s not just a question about SEC talent of our QB’s. You could put John Elway under center for the hogs and it wouldn’t be any different. Fix the OLine and then a QB has a chance.
As far as SEC talent of our current QB’s I’d say none have been given enough protection to really show what they can do.
Noland has the most up side and KJ is probably the explosive. Jones is a winner so don’t count him out either.

Was not including KJ yet - agree on Noland. Jones is a winner, but not convinced an SEC talent.

Agree biggest issue is OL

I’m with you Army. Let the young pups play.

While getting-what’s his name- would have been nice, I totally agree with playing the qb’ s we have. Noland playing baseball will slow his progress. If KJ is not overwhelmed than he could be a 4- year starter. There will be growing pains either way

We may have 1 possibly 2 that are SEC talent. Verdict still out.
Not sure there are any on the transfer list that are.

I agree growing pains = throwing picks because of speed of the game is different buuuuut he will also turn a busted play into a 25yd QB scramble.

I agree 100%, forget the QB transfers and spend that time and money looking for O-line and our current QBs will look better overnight! WPS