Grad Transfer QB?

Well, enough said about Bazelak. He only led his team to their 3rd straight victory and they had about 650 yds. of offense. And, of couse, our recruited QB’s aren’t good enough either Jefferson only led us to 7 touchdowns and a field goal. We really need a grad transfer.

After KJ’s performance today, I believe we will be just fine next year without a grad transfer. I expect KJ and Hornsby to have a heck of a battle this spring for the starting postion. Adding another grad transfer simply sends the wrong message to these two young men, as well as the two freshman coming in.

I truly hope we use our remaining open slots in this year’s class to attract high end defensive players (high school, transfer portal or grad transfers). It’s obvious we clearly need them.


KJ looked like a college quarterback yesterday, really for the first time. That series against Moo U that got everyone excited was largely running. Yesterday he was a QB, not a running back taking direct snaps.

But I still say if you could get Milton, who took UCF to a 12-0 season including a bowl win over Auburn, you take him and let them compete. I’m sure there will be a competition anyway with Hornsby.

You’ll also have Lucas Coley arriving in Fayetteville in Jan. and Landon Rogers in late May/early June. I would guess JSJ is still around

IIn my opinion, you add a grad transfer QB if he is a can’t miss starter, but not jiust to add one.

Yup. The only question about Milton (to me anyway) is if he’s recovered from a horrible injury, but the same thing applied to Franks.

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I agree. Before the Mizzou game, there was a lot of reason to question whether the staff really thought KJ could be the guy. Based on that game, it’s hard to see the staff thinking that he won’t be the starter next year. So… maybe we go shopping in the portal for more defensive help instead.

Plus, that game is not what Milton and his people will want to see at a potential landing spot. He wants a school that really, really needs a starting QB. There are multiple SEC schools that might look more promising right now than Arkansas.

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