Grad Transfer QB?

If we want to sign a grad transfer QB a very intriguing guy just went into the portal.

McKenzie Milton, a little guy from Hawaii, was borderline brilliant for UCF before suffering a devastating knee injury two years ago. He was cleared to resume football activities recently, and has been running UCF’s scout team. They’ve got a two year starter now, and Milton wants a chance to start. He said he’s putting together a tape, including tape of him running the scout team, for interested coaches to view.

would be nice if our current QB would stick around another year

Franks and his family/advisors will have to take a hard look at whether another year makes sense for him. He’s played enough between here and Florida to be a known commodity to the NFL personnel guys, which kind of makes it hard to know if another year flinging it for the Hogs would make much difference to his draft stock. has him rated 14th among draftable QBs and either a late round draft choice or free agent who would be competing to be a 3rd QB on an NFL team. He’s not making anyone’s top ten QB prospects.

The question becomes whether he thinks he can move up the draft boards enough with another good year to at least get into the middle rounds and have a better chance to make some money. I’m not sure there is a real clear answer.

Why recruit QB’s if we never use them? What young QB would ever want to come to Arkansas if they know that all we’re going to do is get another grad transfer to play in front of them. Hornsby needs to be the next QB. Many other Power 5 Conference teams are using Freshman QB’s and we don’t want to play a redshirt Freshman QB.

You do what you need to do to win games that season. It’s all well and good to recruit and develop quarterbacks, or any other position, but if you can get McKenzie Milton, and he gives you a better chance to win than Hornsby or Jefferson, you do it. No sense in preparing for the next coach (no, I don’t think Sam will be fired, but I didn’t think Morris would be gone in two years either, so ya never know).

I don’t know if Milton would have any interest in coming here, but I think you explore it and find out.

I hear you and if we were coming off a 10 win season and had a new young stud with hel all around him, I’d understand throwing him in. But we are just trying to get steady imrovement each year, so it’s a tough call.

In the last three or four years QBs have become the biggest gypsies in college football. Every year guys who were elite recruits move on, and new elite recruits take their place. Happens everywhere. There’s more up or out pressure at the position than any other. Whether a young guy gets jumped in line by a transfer all depends on how the player already in the program is viewed by the coaches. It’s all a matter of creating competition at the position.

Plus the young guys see plenty of evidence that the grad transfers don’t always work out.

Well Missouri has a red-shirt freshman starting and he seems to be doing just fine and they aren’t coming off a 10 win season!

He also played last year; we trashed his knee in Little Rock and they put in the kid from Fayetteville.

Recall me saying if Jefferson hasn’t picked it up by now, he might consider switching positions, because he is a big, swift guy that should be able to help elsewhere.

What does that have anything to do with his success this year?

The fact that he’s seen significant SEC action.

You seem to be fixated on recruiting QBs. I don’t care where they come from – high school, juco, transfer, found in a FedEx package on the front porch – as long as they can play. And I’d rather not waste a year letting a Hornsby or a Jefferson go through the learning curve while we go 2-10, not if there’s a better option available.

Having said that, there may not be a better option available and Malik Hornsby may start the Rice game next year. But you give a Milton the chance to tell you no, IMO.

You have every right to your own opinion! And you make many good points. I enjoyed the exchange.

We have used a lot of scholarships on QBs who will never start for us. Understand that Franks was the best opportunity this year to give us immediate & quality help at the QB position. Questionable how good we would have been this season without him. Any news about the progress of the back-up QBs, specifically Hornsby & Jefferson? Are they SEC starters?

Assume Franks is evaluating this team & determining if we will significantly improve going into 2021 before deciding. With an improved line, good receivers, & some RBs, perhaps we can see significant improvement in our record that would better enable him in the NFL draft. Teams next year will not take us for granted so will be a tougher season.

Hopefully Briles is good a developing QBs. As CSP improves our recruiting, hopefully we pick up 4 & 5 star QBs who can compete in SEC. Coley 3* is our only QB commit in '21

I don’t get the fuss about QBs. You recruit one every class, two if you lose some bodies in the depth chart. Any QB worth a lick understands that competition is the name of the game. Losing QBs to the transfer portal has not hurt Alabama’s capacity to recruit, and Spencer Rattler at OU was willing to commit in the midst of OU’s trend of grabbing a grad transfer, and even sit a year waiting on the depth chart to clear out a bit.

You reserve those final 3 slots in this recruiting class to upgrade at three spots with grad transfers. Period. You have to get over the fact that someone might have their feelings hurt. That happens at every school every year. The fanbase won’t look up in three years and say, “gosh, a .500 record is forgiveable because you were honorable to the freshman recruits and didn’t bring in grad transfers.” You play to win, now.

I’ve said for a while now, that in my opinion, Malik Hornsby is the perfect QB for Briles system. I don’t know how strong his arm is or how accurate his passing is, but in terms of running and command as a leader, he’s the guy.

And you may be right, but he hasn’t shown anything in his very limited action to prove that to me. Maybe if he got more than two snaps he would demonstrate his skill set. Or he’ll show it in the spring, if we have one. I’m not going to take that for granted at this point.

Most likely Briles & CSP understand by now whether Hornsby & our other QBs are SEC capable QBs. Of course can’t replace game experience & how they respond under game pressure. We need to load up on talent at QB, but that needs to be 4* or 5* recruits like Mallet, Mustain, or Ferguson to compete in SEC.

We were so fortunate to get Franks! If Franks can make it to the NFL, either after this season or next, our ability to attract other new QBs will improve significantly.

Hornsby was a 4 star in 247 and ESPN ratings. KJ was 4-star by ESPN, Rivals and 247. Obviously the jury is still out on both of them.

Understood there is no guarantees based on * ratings out of HS. Physical & mental development by coaches is critical. Morris & staff obviously were incapable of doing anything positive with Starkel & Hicks & probably inflicted more damage than good in their training & prep of both. I recollect both were highly rated (not sure as to their * ratings). Franks was 4*.