Grad Transfer QB?

Who is available and are we in the market for any because our qb’s both seem in to be over their heads with this new offense and their talent doesn’t seem to measure up… They were by far the worst position I watched during the spring game and that’s saying a lot considering the questions on the o-line

And by the way I posted this before I read the article stating that others worry as well about the QB’s lol which is ironic or just valid

Looks like elmo got a new username.

Nope. Twin sons of different mothers, maybe.

Someone is always on the attack from his lofty position.

go TROLL somewhere else!

lol I don’t even know Elmo was just posting my opinion about the QB position if you guys had posted a positive critique about a position player I wouldn’t try to belittle you because you opinion about something as worthless as sports was contrary to mine but if you guys rather I wasn’t on this board I don’t mind saving my 15 dollars just to give you guys a peace of mind cause again I’m not looking to make enemies especially over something like this :slight_smile:

And what does Troll mean I see that often on social media sports blogs etc?

Google is your friend:

Thanks read it… and I’m definitely not trying to sow discord, in something as frivolous as sports you have to agree to disagree, because it’s vanity. I just don’t think our QB’s are good right now, and I could be wrong but the people who think they are good could be wrong as well… so you see the disparity there yet the other gentle took it personal and starting talking about my mother and so forth…and too be honest I think that was unnecessary and my desire wasn’t to make anyone upset about the team my comment/opinion

How is any of this trolling? It was a a simple, legitimate question that even CCM didn’t completely rule out when asked…it wasn’t aggressive or demeaning at all

Exactly, what did you expect when you started the thread that was aimed at bashing our QBs, who haven’t really had a chance to show us anything?

If you think there is a graduate QB out there that can come in and make a big impact, lets see some names.

The sky is not falling (whoops, someone already said that today in an article in the paper). I would not be surprised if every member of the team is not “over their heads with this new offense” at this point. With summer workouts, fall practices, and a few games under their belts, I would expect them to become more comfortable. Vanilla offense (intentional) and restricted defense of the Spring game made things look worse than I think they are and will be. Add to that a couple of missed passes to open receivers, and it is easy to be negative. The quarterbacks are going to take the brunt of the criticism, but just like the receiver who was great at getting open but then dropped a couple of passes (interesting–little mention of that by the nay-sayers), this will improve. My impression is that the coaches will find an aqequate QB out of what we have now and/or what is already signed to come in (though the latter seems unlikely for the upcoming season). My main concern at this point is field goal kicking.

thats the question I myself asked did anyone know any names?

yea kicking seems to be a huge problem as well

Very legitamite question by the OP… worth discussion given CMM did not close the door on the idea when asked about it.

Some areas of kicking is a concern. Limpest did a good job on FG last year. 8 out of 9 and the only miss from beyond 40. His spring game outing was lackluster for sure but I’ll give the weather and a new holder some credit for his performance. Kickoffs on the other hand could use a more consistent leg. Punting needs to improve.

I don’t think the OP was out of line. I agree that our QB’s didn’t look quite comfortable. I think Ty is very smart and knows the right play but doesn’t always have the arm or skill to make the throw (example being when OC Was doing the play by play and Ty made the right read but couldn’t make the throw). Now that could be weather related and it sucks because I really like Ty. Kelley has a monster arm but lacked the precision needed in the quick throw offense. I though Hyatt honestly looked really good running this offense and his runs were blown too quick because they would have been some big runs.

That being said, I don’t think Grad transfer would be the way to go. Either Ty, Cole, or Hyatt could be the guy next year and I think we would work. In my opinion though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Connor comes in and is they guy almost immediately. He has the talent and the drive. He runs a very similar offense in High school. I just think he has a solid chance of taking the job next year so a grad transfer would just fill up an already pretty for quarterback room

you’re right. This is BS

Once Noland is here and gets a grasp of the offense you will not have to worry about QB play here for a LONG time.he is a special talent who has ran an offense very similar in HS