Grad Transfer Jeantal Cylla commits to Arkansas (story)... … mits-muss/

Very good news !!


Really nice pick up. Biggest need (arguably) was a versatile forward who could score and make perimeter shots. Looks really smooth (although I could do without the fall away leg kick!)


like him a lot looks like he ha a good shot and some post up skills…great job!

Big fan of his smooth release. Great free throw shooter, too. That’s a plus. Honestly not sure what kind of a defender he is. SportsReference reads that his defensive rating was fourth best on a really bad defensive team at UNCW. Jeff Goodman offered this on Twitter from an anonymous coach: “Face-up 4-man. Range to 3. Runs court. Ability to finish off the bounce.”

It’ll be strange not to have Goodman trashing us at every opportunity.

Glad to have Jeantal on the Muss Bus!

If you think about line ups, he brings a lot that we were missing at the 4 spot.

A line up of Harris (or Desi if his ball handling improves), Jones, Joe, Cylla, and Cheney has a lot of offensive punch.

If you can add 1 more big guy and Kyree Walker (best case scenario), you are really in business in 2019.

Does he have just one year of eligibility left?

Interesting you asked about the defense. As I mentioned I know the assistant coach at Florida Atlantic when Cylla played there. I remember him telling me that they never could get the whole team to play defense. He said they were all trying to score and build their stats to gain scholarship to a major school. Looks like UNC Wilmington was playing similar defense as Atlantic. All that to say being 4th on that team doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a bad defensive player. Just didn’t play defense is my guess.

Yes. He played 2 years at Florida Atlantic and one year at UNC Wilmington.

If you can get a Khadim Sy to patrol the middle …believe me when I say opponents will not venture towards the interior.

Solid pick up for the Hogs. Kid has a very smooth stroke and can stroke it, will be a welcomed addition from the forward spot. Love how he will post up and guy and not afraid to shoot with a defender in his face. Wonder if this is going take away a lot of minutes from another forward. Got to believe it will, especially since he is a solid scorer!

Most seem to be labeling him as a power forward and I would agree that he can play that position but he also looks like he can handle the small forward position as well. The type of system that Musselman employs is going to determine where he plays. In Anderson’s system he was a power forward but in a different system he could be the small forward. It also depends on team talent and match ups as well. I think the bottom line is that he is a nice versatile forward who obviously shoots the ball a lot better than any current forward on the team.

I really don’t see much difference between Anderson system and Muss system regarding the play of a 4. A 4 is supposed to play inside and on the wing in both systems, that is why Gabe and Bailey ended up behind the three point line. Remember Marshawn Powell, Coty Clarke, Dustin Thomas. They all played inside and behind the three point line.

Much is made of the Muss system. I just don’t see a whole lot of difference on the offensive end. The big difference is that Anderson system depends on turnovers to get extra possessions and Muss system depends on rebounding to get extra possessions.

I think it will be a smooth transition for our players on offense,