Grad Transfer Jeantal Cylla commits to Arkansas (story)... … mits-muss/

Interesting there haven’t been any comments on this thread about the new commit. Certainly looks like a player that can help this team out immediately. Makes me wonder who’s minutes will get taken at the forward spot. Congrats to CEM on the new commit!

It’s posted on the recruiting board as well and has comments.

Mine was WPS.

Kid looks good

Yeah…my bad…just saw it over there and commented. Not used to seeing the basketball commits and activity over there but it has really picked up. Guess I was coming here first during coaching search and got into a habit.

I do agree with you however, usually even if it’s posted on both boards there is usually some discussion. Haven’t seen a lot of people commenting.

Hopefully, Cylla can bring solid play at the 4. This certainly has been a glaring weakness for the last 4 years. I hope that Coach Muss can continue to add talent to a pretty good core of returning players. WPS

He looks like a starter to me at the 3/4 so one more hole as been filled…

I thought it would be good to put it on both boards.

Nothing against it, glad you did.

Thanks for doing it RD!

:shock: :shock: good grief…DD that is! Easter festivities kicking in… :lol: