Gotta stop Fat LaChance Tonight

Can’t let him light us up, but I fear he will. Sometimes it seems that playing Arkansas is no more than a shoot around for some of the guys in this league. LaChance is one of those guys. Then there is Peyton’Don’t Call me Hillis’ Willis. How many times have we been burned by a home state kid spurned over the years?

I am a Bryce Drew fan. He is an excellent young coach. He runs a great offense. He would be on my short list if we were searching for a new coach at Arkansas.

I concur and Vandy does actually look good right now. I’m pretty good conversational friends with Drew Maddux who absolutely swears by Bryce Drew. Hard for me to choose is it Bryce or is it Will Wade who is the highest ceiling young SEC coach. I’m leaning Will Wade, but Bryce kills it recruiting when he gets em on campus. He has slid in seamlessly and fits well on campus and I am a big Kevin Stallings friend who shared multiple St Louis Cardinal fan conversations. Vandy will not be doormat next year and would probably win some of those early losses if played now.

That said, we can run em out if we are hot on offense and keep out Beard who is much fatter than LaChance even with his wt loss this year.

LOL! The Fat reference had nothing to do with Riley’s weight. Just playing word games