Gotta Recruit Our Way Out of This

Especially on the OL. All of our offensive woes are on our OL. They’re trying just too much of a gap because of previous misses and attrition in the past few years. It is what it is. OL recruiting is our single most important priority going forward, because if we don’t fix this we are going to continue to struggle.

It appears our WR problems & QB are being fixed with recruiting. I trust Chief &Caldwell & crew to get our defense up to SEC standards(can see improvement already). But all the 4 Star WR players in the world won’t produce if our line doesn’t give our QB time to find them open.

All the ringing of hands about our staff is premature. We won’t know if this crew can win in the SEC West for couple more years. OL don’t typically show up to campus ready to play in the SEC. it will take some time. I figure by 2020 we should be turning the corner and see solid improvement next year.

Great and intelligent post. A fan that knows football.

Yes , I agree 100%. Good post. Hopefully we will keep improving this year and next year, though, to give us all hope

Just think, we lose three senior offensive lineman this year. If we only have 10 on scholarship now, it puts us at 7 before signing day. We will be young next year. Better sign some difference makers.

How infuriating that we have to “recruit our way out of it”after paying somebody $30mm + to supposedly do that for the last five years. Instead we have a roster less talented than the one the last guy inherited.

There has been enough snake oil dispensed around these parts to fill up the Arkansas River.

Looking forward - we need to recruit more LBs because we only have two that are SEC quality and one that appears to have potential.

More speed everywhere

WRs - check

RB - think we still need a hiccup quick Michael Smith type

OL - grad transfers Jucos a must

CB - Pulley willl be gone. Need to recruit a couple more

D Linemen - commit list very impressive

It seems to me that one of the urgent needs is a center who can consistently get the ball snapped to the QB, meaning no bounces and no snaps over the head.

Got some help today with Trey Knox committing!!!

If recruiting our way out was easy we wouldn’t be in the predicament that we are at this time, CBB didn’t forget how to coach or recruit, but when you lose guys to leaving early, injury and graduation and have one bad recruiting class your toast and on top of that lose Pittman and Chaney. CBB didn’t get the job done it’s plain and simple,but when we played Bama at Fayetteville and lost by one there were very few complaints about what he was being paid or questioned if he was the guy. Now we are 5 games into the CCM era and we are hearing all the bellyacheing about how he’s doing the job and what he’s doing wrong. Sucess is the best recruiter of them all if you don’t have sucess you have to work harder and have some luck and right now I think he has them working harder. We have multiple issues to fix on the field and Morris can’t fix all them in a week but we are improving and coming along. A couple wins down the stretch would no doubt help on the recruiting trail as any sucess helps and gives you something to hang your hat on especially if it’s a Sec win or two.WPS

It’s ONE of the urgent needs, Marty. Sadly, there are a few in that category.

And the OP is simply stating what cooler heads have been saying the last several weeks. Gradually, each week, a few more of the knee-jerk types calm down and join the parade.

Not all of them, of course. But the sane ones.

Not only a center who can snap the ball, but a center who can recognize pressure and call adjustments accordingly. Clary might be the best at that, but we as fans have no way of knowing.

Not sure Ryan Pulley would leave.

He can still have another year if he wants it.

I think it would be in his best NFL interest to keep developing

Duds, commonsense usually doesn’t come into play with that decision…

Will be shocked if RP returns - very much hope so but think he’s headed to the league.

Froholdt was helping with line calls last week.

Much has been made about how the Allen brothers’ development was tainted by being thrown to the wolves too early. Not sure if that is accurate or not, but the same must be said for Ty Clary. Trial by fire, and given the snap issues (no one has mentioned a general lack of velocity…a theme for our team) not a long-term solution (at least until fixed).