Gotta protect plate

Kenley caught looking twice. Then Nesbit caught looking to end our half of 5 th

Well the same can be said about swinging at 3-1 pitch with a runner on 1B and hitting a weak ground ball. The discipline at the plate will come.

I thought that ump – while consistent as it dealt with what he called for both teams – was inconsistent. His strike zone moved around a little. I give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s early in the season. And, with the hitters, they have to learn the strike zone as it plays out each night. Sometimes he called the strike on the outside edge 2-3 inches off the plate. Sometimes he called a high strike. Sometimes he didn’t. There will be some called strike threes in cold weather games. Umps get cold, too.

inconsistent, i thought so also. he didn’t like the low outside pitch to a left-hander or a low inside to a right-hander at all. i thought he was stingy on that side of the plate, but generous on the other half of the plate. both teams threw pitches that i thought were strikes he didn’t call. wonder if its how each ump is positioned behind the catcher, can see better to one side. never could figure it out, but i do know some umps are stingy with a small strike zone and others liberal. i thought that guy was half and half.

One other thing to note, I thought the camera work was horrible. The position of the camera was well to the left center alley. That gives you a VERY distorted view of the strike zone. Overall, it was just a tough night to watch on Internet TV. No replays, no shots of brilliant plays in the field. I assume that Christian Franklin caught that ball on a running, diving play. They never showed it, just raved about it. I couldn’t tell you if the infielders made errors or balls were hits. Anything to the left side of the infield was not in the camera view. I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything that showed me less of a game and was advertised as a TV look at college baseball.

Umpire was not consistent but it was the same for both sides kind of a pot luck kind of night. I agree with you Clay it was the most frustrating game to call myself watching, embarrassing to say the least for a program like USC.

Yes the production was pitiful. On martins double you couldn’t see squat. We have 2 kids on the team from California. Good recruiting tool for us, big time baseball. Better facilities, more fans, more avid fans. Better everything. Only thing is weather. And living in Little Rock this has been a miserable wet gray winter and it’s getting worse.