Gotta love Kiffin

Keeps his sense of humor and sportsmanship. On the news that Hudson Clark will be receiving a scholarship when one is available in January, he posted this:

Good man.


I didn’t like Kiffin until he came to Boca and coached three years in South Florida. He speaks the truth (good or bad) and is quick to make fun of himself or his team when they deserve it. Not many coaches will approach that brand of humor and honesty because football has a lot to laugh about but is usually too seriously taken. Saban and Bama owe him big time for changing their offensive philosophy because the Saban offense was so old school. It would be a blast to have a beer with the guy and let him rattle on…

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Yea, I have always enjoyed watching Coach Kiffin. He is a piece of work. I hate that he ended up at Mississippi University, the school up North.

Kiffin is a modern day Steve Spurrier. His dad was great coach for Hogs at one time too.

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I loved his Dad’s defense…great years

Could be Coach K doesn’t want to burn any bridges. Looking several years down the road Arkansas might need an offensive coordinator. We know Ole Miss is not the most patient with head coaches.

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