Gotta love Adrio Bailey's development...

He is finally comfortable in his own skin which has led to more consistent play. His defense and rebounding has improved tremendously and his offense has greatly expanded as his mid range jumper has made him a “weapon” according to Pete Gillian. He had a couple of nice post entry passes (A lost art in my opinion) and a couple nice drives to the bucket. I have watched Mike Anderson and staff time and again take develop talent. I love seeing players like Bailey work hard, mature and develop into solid contributors— a big reason I love college athletics.

Bailey’s play has been a great surprise and a most welcome addition to the team. With limited front court depth, his ability to play defense and score is a welcome change from the weak play at the 4 for the last 2 years. He can take a little of the pressure off Gafford if he can continue to make shots. His quickness and jumping ability make him a good defensive player. As he plays more minutes, he should continue to improve all aspects of his game.

Good job to CMA and his staff. And lots of praise to Bailey for all the hard work he has put in since last year. WPS

Amazing jump in skills and awareness, very impressed.

Almost as amazing as the jump in Gabe Osabuohien’s game. He has gone from a completely raw talent to a significant contributor on the second team. Still learning the limits of his game but a huge improvement.

Obviously some good coaching & players absorbing it.

Not today

he has been about as consistent as a rain dance …3-4 times he has been a no show like today…other games he looks great but he’s got to get way more consistent.

Bailey was in position to grab the weak side rebound on the last shot and dunk it ala Mr Walkonair if he had just caught the ball.

Fun thread

Yes, he has absolutely tanked since I posted that. He hasn’t even looked like the same guy. I thought he had turned the corner, but I was wrong. I have no problem admitting that. Since I sense you felt the need to reply to my original post to help you with your frustration over last nights game, fine with me. In fact, I hope it has eased your pain somewhat. Always willing to help a fellow Hog fan. :slight_smile:

Adrio is getting experience in situations he’s never been in. He has some some good games and had a few no shows. Your original post was good at the time you posted it. Don’t feel bad we have all ate crow and have been humbled. I personally don’t like seeing him dribbling down the floor on a fast break.

I think it is now safe to say that he is not going to be another Michael Qualls as some once suggested.

I think Bailey fooled us all. He did good against bad mid-major teams at the beginning of the season, once we started playing against decent teams that was the same size or just as athletic as he was, he has struggled to adjust. He has to be leading the team in most shots blocked (meaning how many times he’s gotten his shot blocked by the other team).

He don’t finish in traffic and fakes until totally covered by defenders and can’t make free throw so going to line is a waste of time! He has time to improve but needs to just play defense of course his defense was what gave up the tying 3 point shot in the Texas game and he was the one whom said he wasn’t worried about K. Allen in an interview before yesterday’s game. More crow to be served to him as well.
He has a role and at this point for the hogs to win he has to perform.

Adrio now seems to get nervous everytime he touches the ball. Normally you would get over your bout with nervousness quickly. Adrio has done the opposite. He needs to relax.

Good athlete, not the kind of basketball player to get Arkansas to an elite level. Needs to move on, can’t believe he still starts.

I thought I had stumbled onto another board that had a good playing Bailey on their team…