Gotta love a good throat slashing gesture

So what if it costs you 15 yards or even points? Well worth it for that look at me moment!

As much as this gesture & penalty has been publicized the last few years one would think every coach in America has addressed this with his teams starting every fall.
But hey some get away with it without officials noticing.

I’ve actually seen about five this bowl season, none were called. I’m assuming one happened that I missed, that was actually called. Think the officials need to call it down the middle.

Yep I have seen a couple that the officials missed or just didn’t call. That’s just luck of the draw & either shows coaches not pressing the issue with players or still a discipline issue.
Or heck a Sr playing in his last game, just don’t care. Then it becomes a respect issue.

I hate all the show-boating we see so often now. I’m not talking about spontaneous expressions of joy. I think the NCAA is overstrict on those. But it seems anytime a player makes a big play (or maybe one that’s not especially big), they’ll make some gesture that says, “look at me.” One I especially hate is the hopping up, crossing the arms across the chest with the back thrown back as they stare up into the stands.

In my day, the coach would pull you out of the game to sit on the end of the bench. And a flag would fly for unsportsmanlike conduct. It’s actually a cultural thing. Kinda like Twitter.

It may well have cost Miss Steak the game today. Kept alive an Iowa drive that was going nowhere. Momentum then shifted to the Hawkeyes .

What gets me is a team in hurryup. QB gets sacked, and defensive player is 10 yards behind the LOS celebrating. QB waits until he gets on his side of the line before snapping the ball, he’d be offsides every time if I was QB.

Don’t understand why the DC isn’t tearing his guys head off.

Can blame that on the coaches too. They can stop it, but don’t.

Baked, I’ve wondered for a long time why they don’t have a plan specifically for that. Have a “sack play” and no matter how bad you’re hurting, get up and get to the line, everyone on the team knows it’s coming so they get lined up, no subs coming in. Most likely it is going to be a long yardage, so maybe a screen, whatever, or force a timeout. You might need to have alerted the officials beforehand. Maybe it would minimize some showboating.

I wish officials would take control by eliminating all in-your-face jawing after a play. I don’t mind some gamesmanship, but I saw one today in which an LSU player punched the UCF player and was penalized (thrown out), but with the official still standing there, the UCF player taunted the LSU player by getting in his face. The LSU player deserved being thrown out for throwing the punch; he clearly was in the wrong. But to me, the UCF player was also in the wrong for taunting. LSU should have been penalized for unsportsmanlike and the player thrown out (which they were), but UCF also deserved an unsportsmanlike penalty with no ejection. The penalty yards would have canceled each other out.

There’s just too much mouthing for my liking. Again, some “trash talk” is normal, but if officials thew flags early in the year and often, they could clean some of it up.

The d-backs are often the worst when they celebrate stops that should just be part of the job. Make the tackle or bat down the ball and then go get ready for the next play.

I agree about the d-backs. I really get irritated when a DL hurries the QB, and the QB throws the ball 20 yards out of bounds, and the DB makes a gesture like he made the play, usually a finger wag (Think Motumbo) towards the offense. C’mon

Yea dlineman are bad about celebrating after making a tackle for no gain. You would think offensive coaches would have their players ready and go no huddle back to the line and snap the ball while the defense is dancing in the backfield. That would put a stop to it.

These are the days of the “look at me” generation. When Cliff Powell made 20 tackles as a middle linebacker against Texas in the “game of the century” or the Big Shootout, did you ever see him beat his chest, cross his arms or run out into the middle of the field and gesture look at me? No, you did not see that. You saw a guy knock a Longhorn’s butt to the ground…get up and get ready to do it again.

It’s okay in my book to have fun playing football and show emotion, but this showing off has gone way too far. It is not sporting and should not be a part of the game. Make a tackle, break up a pass, block a guy…then be ready to do it again.

To me, it is on the coaches to instill pride and respect in the players who play for them. They may have to do the job of a parent if the parent hasn’t done the job. It still needs to be done.

That is one thing I really like about Nick Saban. Alabama doesn’t do that show-out stuff. If they do, he jumps their butt and they might not play for a while. You do not do anything to hurt the team or keep it from winning. Play hard, keep your mouth shut, and do your job.

The best one is when a DB makes the “incomplete pass” signal to everyone in the stands when he didn’t even keep the WR from catching the pass lol. Ridiculous!!!

Yep, I agree, hate that

If you play QB at TCU, the throat slash is a religious symbol and doesn’t deserve a penalty… I believe the religion dates back to a Black Beard ship.

I would love to criticize the young ones these days, but it would be hypocritical of me to do so.

I had 16 personal foul or unsportsmanlike personal foul penalties during my three years playing high school football at Newport.

Lots of late or tough hits - according to the referees - and a few for mouthing.

Thank God they did not have targeting rules back then.

I got three in a game against after Green County Tech after that program deliberately sent two players after our kicker, who broke his collarbone.

That young man’s name was Charles Balentine.

We went nuts. Beat them 47-0, kept our starters in throughout and roughed them up.

Charles got healthy and scored 43 points against them in basketball in the first meeting after that.

That seem to be backfire on them.

The UCF DB who taunted the LSU QB after he was leveled on the int return really irked me. Yes it was a fair & legal hit on Burrows but he was still down & at that point no one knew if he was ok, in fact it looked bad. But he got up kept going. Dam tough kid!
The big boy who cleaned his clock didn’t even taunt or make any gestures, just got up went about his business.

The DB got a 15 yard penalty for his antics, but I was hoping some tight end or or anyone would’ve seeked him out later & rattle his chain.
I guess shame on me for thinking that way.