Gotta hit those 3s or this is gonna get outta hand


Yea, they’ve given dusty really good looks. You gotta hit those shots in games like this.

UK’s man to man defense is devastating.

We’ve had open looks, gotta hit them. And the Jellycats are shooting lights out. Bad combination.

UK’s man to man defense is devastating.[/quote

Its very good no doubt, there fast and quick but we’ve had about 6 or 7 wide open 3s that we’ve missed. Got to hit half of those in a championship game to pull the upset

Our shooting is the difference in this game right now. Despite everything Kentucky is doing, we simply are not shooting well. If we dont turn that around in the second half, then it is over.

We are not out classed. Kentucky is beatable. Period.

This game is over. We are shooting like we did against Ole Piss

Yep, and on that replay, the ball was still in Monk’s hand when the shot clock said zero. 3 free points

Wow, they took it off