Gotta call BS on this "TIRED" excuse....

Let me preface this by saying I am not a basketball guru nor did I stay
at a Holiday Inn Express recently. I have on the other hand observed
college basketball for over 40+ years.

This excuse of being tired just does not ring true to me. I would believe
it if they were playing well in the 1st half and then getting run over in the
second half of games. That screams out to me a tired team. They seem
to be doing just the opposite. They seem to come out in the 1st half with
poor focus and intensity… flat if you will. They dig a hole then in the second
half play lights out to try and get back in the game. That smacks of a lack
of motivation to me, and that is a staff failure.

I don’t think they are tired.

I think they are simply not playing well and without the sense of hunger and urgency that they had earlier this season.

I also think they have to work inside-out and not outside-in


I also think they have to work inside-out and not outside-in

[/quote]I agree with this. However, I also think the team plays lazy.

This team wasn’t tired they just choose when to play hard look how hard are playing today it’s a totally different team there is absolutely no excuse for not playing this hard every game

Way too much HERO ball. They stand and dribble and then go one on 5. Hope Mike can fix it but I am not confident.

Agree. They seemed to get overconfident after getting ranked. They are just kids, but CMA needs to find a way to get these players to step up the intensity for 40 minutes. There are too many long stretches of lack of intensity. That let’s the foe turn around the momentum.

Agree. I think they got over confident. Got the big head.
They came in so uninspired against LSU and got behind early to a team they probably thought they could just show up and win. When LSU got such a big lead, they were shell shocked and lost confidence. It affected them mentally and they started pressing and got frustrated that they were being drubbed by a team picked to finish last in the league. They couldn’t overcome it.
Tonight they came out with more intensity, desire and aggressiveness. What’s concerning is that they still have that lapse on defense and on offense they fall Back into that team that stands around while the dribbler goes one on one. They lose momentum and the other team gains it.

This team played with a chip on their shoulder early in the season, then got ranked & the chip fell off.
Its still the same team but not the same desire.