Gotta Brag

My nephew—2020 GCT PG Zane Butler—received his first official D1 scholarship offer last night from Mississippi Valley State.

I was there when he received the call and it was a great thrill for all of us. He has put in countless long hours and it’s paying off.

I think he will receive more offers. Oddly, it usually takes one to break the seal and others follow.

If he grows a little and fills out (as we have been told by doctors for years that he will), look out.

Regardless, it was a very cool, exciting day for our family.

End of brag.

You should be proud of the young man. I saw that on twitter from McPherson. I almost posted something on that, but didn’t want to steal your thunder.

You should have. The more pub he gets the better.

It is lots of fun watching him progress. Great kid. Really good player.

That’s great news. Brag away and be proud!

That’s something to brag about, I can imagine how high the family is right now and the many games you will be attending when he settles on a school down the road… PIG, is it a DNA thing?

Congratulations! good luck to him.

Lot of love about Zane. Attitude and desire to be the best he can along with talent.

A look back: … ne-butler/

Thanks for all your hard work, RD-one of the best in the business.

Some of both.

He/we (except for me with the pesky CP) are an athletic family. My brother was 3-sport all state in the 2nd largest classification in the state. My cousin was a great All-State WR.

And, our grandpa was good enough to play professional baseball (but was a little guy).

Zane is different though. Sneaky athletic. He doesn’t look like it but he’s quicker than almost anyone he plays. Has a 38’ vertical. Has had very good combine numbers and has put up big #s in the best basketball conference (arguably) in the state (with Marion, W. Memphis and Jonesboro).

But, the reason he has a chance to be very good is he works his tail off. Drives 3 hours both ways to train with Justice Hill’s trainer. Ultra competitive.

He just has to overcome the eye test. Most people look at him and think little white boy that stands in the corner and shoots 3s.

But that’s not him. He scores at all 3 levels. Defends the opponent’s best player and usually gives them fits.

He just needs to fill out. If, as doctors say he should, he grows 1-2 inches and gains 10-15 pounds (still hasn’t fully developed physically although he is filling out, now) he will go from having low D1 offers to larger D1 offers.

Regardless, we are all very excited and proud. I have had a small part in his efforts and I am beaming with pride.

It is such a joy to see family or friends have success especially when they usually outwork others around them. Know Adam, that he won’t forget your contributions to his journey. Bragging is acceptable:dart: