Got to thinking about it...

If Coach Morris says this is a run-first offense, why aren’t we recruiting more RB’s? Seems like the focus has been around the pass game with star-studded WRs. KJ is a dual-threat and Spivey seems like a diamond in the rough, but shouldn’t we have the blueprint revolved around the run game? Maybe we are and I’m just too far removed from the situation, but a little clarity from insiders would be appreciated. Thank you guys for all you do!

I mean just look at how much they have run the ball this year in opposed to how much they’ve thrown it… the offense looks to be run first while looking to exploit mismatches on the outside

We are loaded at RB right now, probably our deepest position right now from a talent standpoint. His offense is a run first, but likes to take shots down field. He has the RBs to get the running game where he wants it, now he needs the WRs to get open down field

We have a pretty good stable of young RB’s, but CCM went out & got some insurance with Boyd anyway. That has proved to be very wise.
CCM’s offense is run 1st to set up the pass if you have the horses, and WR’s are the horses needed.

In addition we have a RB commitment for next year as well in Spivey and I don’t think we should lose anyone to transfer so we will be really loaded next year.

The running game has been a big part of his offense. The things I’ve noticed that make me wonder is how on 3 down we have emptied the backfield and gotten sacked letting defenses pin their ears back and come after the QB. The timing of our offense has been off with poor snaps. We have failed to use the middle of the field in most games. our offfense put up 31 on Bama. So they are getting better on offense.
Adding Spivey is smart. You always need to have at least 1 RB in each recruiting class.
The OL is the position of the most need!

We are currently sucking at WR, but in good shape at RB. the addition of great WRs will REALLY help the running game and our good TEs.

Need some OL recruits to be developed to use the WR.

on being back and they are adding Spivey in.

If one of them changed their mind, they might go get one in the later signing period.

But as I stated, all five have stated they are coming back.

Arkansas has had an empty backfield only about 10 percent of the time this year.

Arkansas did not use the muddle of the field early in the season, but has once O’Grady came back and Boyd and the running game took off.

They plan on signing six OL - three junior college ones that would be in here in Jan.