Got to say, Hats off to Murphy!!

Granted Arkansas clubbed Florida with a molten hot bat, but to
me as impressive was seeing Murphy go out there and give us
a complete game, even if it was just a 7 inning mercy game and
hand Florida a big goose egg on the scoreboard!!

Murphy was excellent today!!

Go Hogs!!

The odds are against us tomorrow, but Murphy’s performance today gives us a chance.

Murphy did his part for sure! Hats off to the young man. It saved pitching for tomorrow and we have a chance.
Knopps will probably get the ball to start and if he throws strikes and we keep hot at the plate anything is possible.
Next weekend is more important keep the players healthy! Win or lose it has been a great year!

No runs allowed (and only two hits) in the last 14 innings against two nationally ranked opponents. Not too shabby on the mound either.

But LSU is doing the same thing – pitching very well and scoring a lot of runs. Will tomorrow be 1-0 or 10-8?

I agree very impressive I haven’t seen him pitch a whole lot but he showed a 91 92 mile an hour fastball pretty good breaking ball and good location very nice job I’m sure it was a little bit easier with a five-run lead but still very impressive