Got to meet Coach's wife and daughter....

they are going to be great ambassadors for the Razorback basketball program.

Her dad is from Magnolia.

It was easy to see Coach Mussleman was really excited to have this job. He talked about how fired up he was when Hunter Yurachek called about the opportunity. He said he went out and ran 5 miles. He didn’t say what he did after Hunter offered him the job.

A coach who has his experience and knowledge has to have a real advantage on his recruiting competition. He knows what it takes to train and get a young man to the NBA. Hopefully, his recruiting will be really good. I don’t have much doubt about his coaching skills.

He is not very big. I can’t wait for him to rip off his shirt and expose that body to the fans. That should be a hoot.

You mean he may go, “Coach Orgeron” us?! Hopefully with better diction and enunciation though!

Loved his family! All smiles and you could tell they were enjoying the Atmosphere.

Seems like his family was as exited or more about coming to Arkansas than Eric was. He was also talking about his wife and how exited she was when the offer came.

Pretty sure the entire state is going to fall in love with his daughter.

She is cute and outgoing; she looked like she was so excited and happy. She’ll be a great little cheerleader.

The Daughter will be an internet super star. Bet on it.

I agree. did you see the interview she did at the Final 4 last year?

Mariah interviews Loyola at Final 4

Mariah interviews Kansas

I hope she is YouTubed at a lot of Final Fours waiting on her dad to come out of the locker room…

Dudley, How did we not know that during the Coaching search or did you know all along?