Got to find away to get more minutes for CJ Jones....

That jump shot is pure.

A little less Manny and some more CJ please. Jones now 12-21 from 3-pt line.

I agree I would like to see them take the minutes from Thomas and go small it’s not as if you are going to be losing a lot of rebounding and interior defense .

Getting very little production from Thomas and Cook so that may be an option.

Agreed. Our 4’s aren’t consistent yet, the 4 guard lineup seems to work well. Also, I liked the Thompson/Kingsley look for spurts.

Should see Thompson and Kingsley more against A&M. They have some major size and could get ugly if we don’t at least compete on the boards.

When Jones learns to play defense he will got all of the minutes he can stand. Can really fill it up.

Where in the world did the Thomas that started this season go? He looked like we had found an answer to our PF woes. Is it all a lack of confidence? Every facet of his game has been affected.

It could, definitely. But, TAMU is playing very poorly right now. If we will show up and play it’s a very winnable game.

Tennessee is better than them right now and we won, there.

Yea, he started playing against guys more athletic than him when conference play started and really hasn’t found a way to adjust yet. He’s got great size at 6’8 225. He’s not a great athlete though. He can still be effective, he’s got a nice looking shot, when he’s not rushing it and he can use his frame to shield guys off and get good shots in the post, he’s also quick enough to switch on multiple positions on defense. It’s just a matter of him putting it together. Nolan was talking about him on the radio the other day, he said he feels like once he puts it together he’ll be a really good player.

In total agreement, Jones and Baily should have been in the rotation earlier in the season, both have major talent! I have watched this Miss ST teams young players come on from early in the season when I watched a lot of their games while ours werent being shown much, and now they are playing some ball and I think they will be a Tourney team that is scared of no one! Thomas plays hard, but in most games we lose leads in most every game he is on the floor and it comes in lost possessions from his play and always seems to sweep through the team ! He has his moments but is not a 22 to 28 minute player yet, Cook is getting there along with Thompson, Thomas is a 10 to 14 minutes at most at this time and Baily should be another 8 to 12 minute man, for he has shown he can go off on teams as a scorer as well as CJ!!! Manny has to stay as a major part of this team for at times his play is what keeps total collapses we have came accustomed to from happening this year!!!

Those Miss State players that you mention were four stars and one five star coming out of high school. The five star Malik Newman is of course not there right now. Bailey and CJ are nowhere close to that. It is going to take them more time. Thomas is much more developed than Bailey at this stage and much more Div One ready. As far as CJ, I have a feeling he is not shooting that well in practice. If he was shooting lights out, he may get some PT in spite of defensive liability.

Also people forget that Mike does play freshmen early if they deserve it. Remember four star Whitt started from the first game,

CJ holds the keys to his own fate here. He gets his stuff together on defense, he’ll play more.

Jones is a lot like the second string QB. Best player on the team in some eyes.

CJ has gone 4 for 5 in his last 4 short appearances in games and knocked a couple balls loose for other Hog players to pick up a steal so I too think its his D and rebounding cutting his play time down but hey at times many others do the same so I wish MA would give him more minutes as long as he is hitting but when he has come out as of late its brief even when he is looking good. Not going to get better without play time and there are great practice players and sucky in games and vise versa in the game of sports, its strange but true and coaches say it all the time!

Ironic that after this thread got started that Manny and Arlando Cook basically saved the game at Texas A&M when it was getting away

You just never know