Got to chat with C.J. and his dad

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Wrote about his journey to Arkansas, relationship with the staff and his importance for this year.

Really good stuff Jimmy. It’s critical we get a big step up from him. Got to find that additional scorer.

Loved the part about his Dad and how emotional he was about CJ’s scholarship.

Thanks! He is very critical. I think there’ll be some games where he’ll score 4-6, but others where he has 13-15. They really need his shooting to be something other teams have to plan for.

His dad loves Mike.

It’s critical for each player to feel like they are part of the team. C.J. may suprise all of us on a few nights this year and score at will. I just hope the young man has a good year.
His dad is very thankful to MA and these are the stories I apppreciate to hear. It shows good work by our coaches. It’s also nice CJ’s dad was able to come and watch his son play.
We have another Hog fan!