Got to ask

would you have gone for 2??

I understand who said yes. Bottom line we had never stopped them. So…

I think the shorter field in OT was more advantageous for us.

yes…end it before a major injury occurred…we had been lucky all day in that regards

I think it was the right decision. We had momentum in that moment to just end it.

I think Pittman was reading the tea leaves. Our defense was not going to stop them. At that point, it becomes an offensive battle, and Ole Miss has the better offense overall.

I like the decision; I wasn’t in love with the execution, but tip your hat. Ole Miss read it well.

This game was more proof, however, that we are a legitimately good team.


Great post, JMet. That try for 2 was our best shot to win.


Would’ve gone for 2. Our Defense was shot today. But would have run KJ to the end zone. they had no one who could tackle him one on one.


Hate to admit it but it was our best chance for a W.


Right call. I think are odds of making it were better than 50/50 way game was going. OT was 50% odds at best.

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I would have ran the option play and ran it in for the win!


No. I would not have gone for 2 at all.
I would have kicked the extra point and rolled the dice in OT. “Live to fight another day”, or in this case, “Live to play another play”. Even though our D did not do well at all today, we have the better Defense overall and may have found a stop.

Having said that… I’m not mad at the call to go for 2. I like that we are a gutsy team and like that Sam was confident in our guys and thought he felt the momentum. Just wish the execution on that play was better.

I agreed with it when Bert did it the Hunter Heave game, and I agreed with it today…make or miss. Very similar games. D had nothing left.


Agreed 100% with it. Didn’t like the play call that close. Should have run the option play.

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Yes. We hadn’t stopped Ole Miss all day. The two point try was our best chance to win the game.

Yes. D was totally gassed.

Go for two. No second guesses. Get a penalty? Still go for two.

Like the play call, too. Wish Green would have been assigned to chip the blitzer who helped pressure KJ but a lower pass gives Burks a fighting chance at a reception.

all day long!!

Yes. 2 point absolutely the right call. With two minutes left, I would’ve probably just run the ball and even take a knee here and there had I needed to in order to run clock. And stuff it in with about 20 seconds left. I don’t know why coaches don’t do that more in this type of game where not a lick of defense is being played. That’s what they should’ve done last year against Missouri.

Go for two. Speaks volumes to CSP’s belief in his Guys. Not sure I liked play call but not second guessing

I thought it was the right call. Our D was gassed and so was theirs. Our best chance to win was converting that 2 pt try

Sam also went for 2 at Misery last year but they had enough time to drive down and kick the field goal.