Got to admit it...I got it WRONG

As most (all?) of you know, I’m not shy about touting my past record for predicting how Arkansas football will fare in my annual pre-season predictions because - well - they’ve been really accurate for years.

But I missed the mark this season. I predicted 6 wins, using my formula. Of course, we finished with 8 wins. So, I’m happy to have been wrong. Normally, I’m no more than one game off the final winning total (for the regular season - I never predict the Bowl outcome in the pre-season prediction, because I don’t know who we’ll be playing).

Just keeping it real. This year’s predication will go into the “Wrong” file…along with the bold prediction that Jacoby Walker would be the QB to lead us to our first SEC Championship in football.


Great post Wiz……

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I don’t like to look back. :slight_smile:

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I could have told you in August we’d win 8 and probably 9 if we could get a good break at OM or against Auburn.

(Okay. I could have told you that, but didn’t because there’s no way I actually believed it. )

I thought 6-6 or 7-5 was our most realistic “good” finish. I didn’t discount the possibility of going 5-7. I always felt we’d be better than 4-8. Absolutely giddy we did as well as we did, especially beating both TX & A&M as easily as we did. Injuries are part of the game, but I suspect if Catalon had been healthy all season, we’d have beaten both OM & AU.


I felt 6 0r 7 with Ole Wizz the swing game!

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I think I said 5-7 or 6-6. I remember looking at the schedule and thinking we would win 3 (not 4) non-conference games. Therefore to get to 6-6 we needed 3 SEC wins and I remember thinking “I don’t know where those are coming from.” I thought we would beat MSU, and I thought we had a shot at AU (that was without a doubt the worst game we played all year, IMO). I thought we would be better than Missouri, but was worried about all the times we were better but lost. If you had told me would would lose to AU, I would have told you we were no better than 5-6. Sometimes it is great to be wrong!

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Since 2011, we haven’t had a head coach and staff that could make a positive difference in our wins and losses. We had become used to factoring into our predictions, the negative factor of our head coaches. These last 2 years, especially this past season, we still hadn’t fully integrated our head coach and his staff’s positive impact to our talent, when making season predictions. Let’s do better in 2022. :grin:


I think that’s true. Our coaching staff was much better than we’ve had in several years.


This season was a breathe of fresh air! Wow our hogs actually fought and competed.
I can’t remember for sure what I predicted but it sure wasn’t 8-4!
Positive leadership and coaching is what our hogs needed. They went to work and got it done on the field.
Depth takes time and recruiting is the answer. Our hogs are no longer the laughing stock of the SEC! We need to be realistic and know next season can be a lot different.

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You are not along Wiz - you and likely 90% of pre season sports books a d experts did too

So happy I was wrong too

Bow s win vs Penn St will be a cherry on top of this season and Coach Pitt is above .500 as Arkansas coach

Pre-season I thought Arkansas Razorback football as we knew it for so many decades was dead and gone forever. I did not expect anything and thought 6-6 would be a miracle. The first half of the Rice game confirmed all of that. But then something happened and all that changed.

The fans and administration going back to 1989 have done everything possible to run the program into the ground, starting with the running off of the winningest coach in history. How quickly the dismal early SEC seasons were forgotten in order to run off a proven winning coach. Luckily we then got a coach who took Arkansas places not seen since the late 1970s, but that ended in a nightmare…….and it got worse then a little better and then historic worsts with the hiring of a completely incompetent coach from Dallas.

I am very proud of the players and coaching staff. They did what everybody said could not be done.

This season could prove to be an aberration; it could be a wonderful exception that comes along every 15 years as we return in 2022 to what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing prior to this season. Only time will tell.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy Tampa. My wife wisely observed, it could be another 15 years before another Florida bowl, so we better go while we still can. GO HOGS !


Got fairly close. I sure hope we win the bowl.

Got to hand it to you. You called it just about exactly as it panned out. Just needed that one 2pt play at OM & it would’ve been 9-3


I claimed 8+ before a bowl! Find the post. I am a soothsayer!!

Well, we were 4-0 at the time of my proclamation.

I had 5-7

Thought the floor was 5-7 and absolute ceiling was 8-4

But I wasn’t.
I thought 7 wins was attainable with 8 or even nine believable with a few correct ref calls and a bowl victory.

I think I predicted five wins…

I said 6 or 7 wins. I had no idea KJ would play at such a high level.