Got to admit I gave up in the first half...

I thought the team had too. I was WRONG and so happy to be!

Lots of credit to the team and coaches for staying at it.

I did too. Shut the game off and everything. I didn’t want to to ruin my day off with my wife. I get moody when my Hogs lose.

Checked the forums shortly after the game should be over. Really excited. This is huge for the team.

Norman Vincent Peale would have never believed we would come back and win that game. We looked so inept when it was 31-7, a comeback seemed impossible. That game reminds me of an important life lesson. Never give up. Never. I need to remember that.

I didn’t give up entirely, but I did turn the sound way down. Then I kept cranking it up little by little.

I never gave up!

BUT at 31-7 I made the statement "IF WE KEEP UP AT THIS RATE, there just might be a 2pm press conference tomorrow.

NO usual screaming, outrage, etc.

Just moments before the first turn over I did say we need a fumble BAD!

I turned it off for the same reason as others - didn’t want to ruin my attitude for the remainder of the day. Kept up with things via Twitter. Glad I turned it back on with 2 mins to play.

Man, I did too. Glad to be wrong.

I see a bunch of ya’ll respond a lot like I do when things
are going poorly for our Hogs.
I mute the thing first and if it gets worse I usually have to
go for a walk. I am thankful there is no video or sound of me being recorded when this is going on.