Got this from multiple

people. I’m told strength and conditioning coach Jamil Walker is pushing the team even harder this summer.


I love it because there are a lot of high expectations on this team and complacency will be the quickest way for this team to not reach his goals. I’m glad he’s getting their attention… keep doing it Jamil.

The video on Twitter - he is pretty intense (to put it mildly)

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I’m not on Twitter please share if you can.

Go look at the embedded link on Richard’s “Georgia Tech grad transfer” thread just below

Im sorry - PGhawg’s thread that RD replied to


Agree. They’re more of the hunted now.

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When were we last “The Hunted?”

I would probably say Petrino’s last year.

We started out 2012 as the hunted (top 10 preseason, etc.). That lasted exactly two weeks.

Yeah, didn’t include that for a reason. lol

Exactly we’re not going to sneak up on anybody anymore we will have their undivided attention and it will be up to us to go beyond the intensely they’re going to bring and you have to prepare to play that hard. Glad he’s working them extra hard.

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