Got the COVID vaccine this morning

I called the county health department yesterday to get on the list, since I’m a provider working in nursing homes; they called me back at 5:30 pm and said be there first thing this morning. So I was. Not quite an hour since the shot. I barely felt the needle and no soreness or other side effects yet. I got the Moderna vaccine, so the second shot is in 28 days. I was a little surprised I was the only person there, but another guy was arriving as I was leaving.


Good to know. Remind us of the status at 28 days.

Congrats. Great vaccine, good job getting it. Let’s all get it when available to the broader population.


My 2nd Pfizer shot is Jan 7th, so I’m one week out from the 1st one without many issues. Had to send my nurse home yesterday from the office because she’s + for COVID with mild symptoms.


My household will get the vaccine. As soon as we can.


Going on 4 months since the second dose of Moderna, the second shot caused a little more discomfort, but just a slight fever and aches for 12-24 hours. I still did my morning 6 miles, but I took some Tylenol a couple of times during the day.

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Been 4 months since I got mine. Second shot some discomfort in left shoulder for 36 hours. First shot locked up my left arm from shoulder to elbow for 56 hours. I react to regular flu shot so not unexpected

My daughter got the Pfizer vaccine last week. She reports no soreness or anything. Glad several people I know have gotten it. My wife is in the next tier I think. I’m still holding out hope that we’ll hit a 50+ vaccination rate by April.

Had my first injection 1 week ago with no symptoms of any sort—- my wife got her 1st Monday and has had local soreness only— my nurse practitioner got hers Monday with minor muscle pain only— will get 2nd dose 2 weeks— I happen to be— by wide margin— oldest guy on our hospital staff

10 hours later, my left deltoid is fairly sore but not worse than from flu shot or other vaccines I’ve had, and with my job I get a fair amount of them.

Age 70 with diabetes and heart issues, tell them to save some for me after the first responders and nursing home residents so I can see the Hogs play in person sometime next year.

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I’m 64 and apparently at the bottom of the queue. Strange.

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Man, 64, what a bad break, if only you were lucky like me and were older and sicker :cry:. On the other hand, ‘64 was a great year for the Razorback football team (“Before They Were Cowboys” was just re-run on TV, apparently as the first Christmas gift), so immunization or not you should feel like a National Champion.

You’re in Phase 2 of the NC vaccine rollout so you should get it pretty quickly.

At one point I heard I was in 1C or something, but I’ll more than settle for saying “We’re Number 2”.

As to all you doctors and other first responders who are getting immunizations before I am, my most humble thanks for all the good you have done, despite the risks, and all you will continue to do.

Same here ,63. Maybe , with all the folks saying they wont get it, we will not have to wait so long.

That’s correct, I believe. 1B is 75+ and 1C is 65+. I think that’s from the CDC guidelines, but I believe that’s just a national guideline and each state can have their own rules? I hope Arkansas abides by the CDC guidelines.

I could be wrong but I think the NC plan is 1a, 1b and 2. Maybe there is a 1c and you’re in it.

We’ll 1see :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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Found it. It’s 1a, 1b and 2