Got out my Grandma's crystal ball

Well dang.

McEntire pitches a shutout against the Barners.

Noland follows up with another gem against the Rebnecks.

In the deciding game, Kendall Diggs hits another walk off homer and he proceeds to tear off his pants running around the bases. Bianco wants a review but they can’t show nudity on the replay monitor so the tater stands and off go the Hogs to the championship game against the Gooners.

The Gooners make an Aggie mistake. Since the game is against the Hogs, the Gooners show up in Omaha, Arkansas, a small burg on the Missouri line east of Blue Eye and north of Alpena. Since they are no shows at Schwab Stadium, the Hogs are awarded the championship by forfeit.

The only really bad thing is that Moore, Stovall and Lanzilli let the trophy fall between the three of them and it shatters into fragments.

Dang, Grandma’s crystal ball usually shows bad stuff so this was a pleasant surprise.


She is an awesome lady, i agree

We are not done, if we beat Auburn i would start Noland to take on Ol Miss. The confidence we have with him could inspire our team for Ol Miss round 2. If we win that game, probably same feeling for them when we burned out at Oregon State.

Just win at Auburn.


Good stuff, Pavlov!

Ruscin needs you to sell him some material. But he’s probably too cheap and too proud to get help.

Grandma would be proud.

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I dunno pavlov. It sounds like someone may swapped out granny’s crystal ball with some crystal meth. You did get me contemplating a road trip to Omaha, Ar though.


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