Got our work cut out with these next 2 starters

It’s going to be tough sledding against their big LH with a devastating change up which has always give us and everybody else fits. He had a subpar yr last yr but in 2018 he pitched 100 inn and had a 2.95 ERA very deceiving b/c he’s a big guy but when he throws that change it seems to never get there. Hopefully he will hang a couple of them and we can jump on them.
Then they have the AA RH with a career of under 3 ERA and hes one of those sidewinders which is death on RH but our lineup is well balanced with our switchhitters so you never know…Kjerstad/Goodheart should get a good looks at him though

Noland and Wicklander need to be super sharp b/c runs are likely going to be hard to come by

It’s a good early test! Maybe they will take the soft stuff to the opposite field.
If Nolans and Wicklander have good outings it shouldn’t be an issue. I’m anxious to see how the bull pen does over the next 3 days.

Yeah move up in the box, know that is going to be his out pitch, and make sure he gets it up where you can drive it, most of them are not strikes but he is extremely deceiving with it because he’s such a big guy and the ball just keeps disappearing. It will definitely be a challenge

I’d rather be challenged right now early and adjust to it than wait until conference play or post season. Good competitive games will only make you better!

On the other hand the big guy knows he has his work cut out as well against our bats.

I agree with army. For this team to make its goal, it will need all of these tough series to get there. It’s certainly tough in the SEC, but it’s valuable to play lots of other good teams.

I totally agree that playing great competition like we’re going to face these next two weekends will only help us when we start a sec play. We will find out a lot about our team.

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That’s exactly right Jim he hangs a couple those changeups and he won’t find them again LOL

Mac Lardner, the senior left hander who will throw today, had a really good outing last week against BYU. He seems like more of a power pitcher than Alek Jacob, the right hander who will throw tomorrow. Jacob did not throw very well against Oregon State last week. He does not have great velocity, but makes up for it with some deception based on his arm slots.

I knew when I saw the video of the big left-hander in that great Change-Up I knew we were in trouble we haven’t even barreled up on yet.

And we still scored 9 runs on them today. Lardner gave up 5 in 5 innings.

Yes very encouraging,bc he’s very tough he gives you nothing to hit and will make you change your approach and I’m glad we finally did that will be a learning process we can look back on

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