Got my vaccination (Pfizer) today

… at Collier Drug Store on Dickson. Their whole procedure was extremely efficient, including scheduling the follow-up. The only thing that took any time at all (and that was not much) was going through the paper work. It had already been filled out and they just had to ID me. I still wonder if I actually got a shot, since I felt nothing and there has been no soreness. (The flu shot usually makes my arm really sore for a few hours.)
As I was standing in the paperwork line, a nice lady commented on my necklace (it is a Pointer and I’m proud of it.) She then recognized me. I said, I’m Marty. She said, Baumbastic, right? It seems that she is married to @arkrice. I had met them at a football game. My memory for something a few years ago is not great, so I’m glad hers is good. We had a really nice visit throughout.

Hey, I got mine at Collier’s this morning as well at 10:30. Didn’t feel a thing and still don’t. I was wearing my basketball championship 94 tee shirt and struck up a good conversation with a hog fan that went to that game. The guy that gave me the shot told me they were shooting for giving 250 per day and that the backlog had been in the thousands and they had been running out of doses. Seems to be they will be able to keep up from now on. Get those shots!!!

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While I was on the golf coarse today my pharmacy called about some prescriptions. I asked about the COVID vaccine they were supposed to receive. They were not sure when they would get the vaccine but could help me get signed up through our county health department. I had been online over and over to sign up there but slots were always filled. In 5 minutes the pharmacy called back and had slots for me and my wife March 5th. We are so ready to get this done. Our pharmacy is a locally owned independent and they are wonderful people.

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I got my 2nd vaccine last Friday, the 2nd one was a little harder on me that the first one, I had some chest congestion and a head ache for a day and half. My wife got her’s yesterday the only thing she has so far is a sore arm.

Congrats. Look forward to getting vaccinated and feeling more confident about going to public places.


Yes Sir. My wife and I are planning on doing just that in a few weeks.

I got my 2nd Moderna vax yesterday morning and had zero side effects, even including no sore arm. I told my daughter I was wondering if I got a real Covid vax. About 8:00 pm last night I got a killer sinus headache. I took a couple of sinus headache pills. In an hour I felt fine. About 5:00 am this morning I woke up with an even worse sinus headache. I took 2 more pills and now, 10 hours later, I feel fine.

I had virtually no side effects from my 1st vax. The pharmacist, yesterday said that most of the patients he’d given the 2nd shot to had reported at least some side effects, while having little to no side effects after the first shot.

Got my first Pfizer shot 2 weeks ago…will get #2 next Friday. (Here in the DFW area).

The shot itself was a non-event…didn’t hurt at all and didn’t feel any after-effects. But got an attitude boost from it. Anxious to get shot #2 and feel less skittish about being out of the house.

I’m 66. So eligible. Gotta figure out where to go. Probably will be Somewhere else. Mountain Home process does not seem easy to sign up.

I got my first one Monday (Moderna). My arm has been sore since then but feeling better now. I’m in a grey area. I interact with physicians and patients on a daily basis but I’m in sales. One pharmacy (I won’t name) refused to give me the vaccine two weeks ago when I came for my appointment, even acknowledging that I was in a grey area. I was the last appointment of the day. After she refused, I asked her what she was going to do with the vaccine and she wouldn’t answer me. I am not an expert on what she could do with it but I sure as heck hope it wasn’t wasted.

I made another appointment with a different pharmacy. I clearly explained my situation and the lady agreed I was in a grey area but she said they would give me the vaccine as they were trying to vaccinate as many people as they could, as it should be.

My arm is a little sore this evening, but not even as bad as a flu shot.

Marty, my wife really enjoyed the visit with you yesterday. I asked her if she told you her name and
she said she didn’t remember. It is Emma. She has a little arm soreness but thats it. You ladies are tuff.

I had my second Pfizer shot on Monday and have not felt a thing after either shot, other than that I know if somebody had hit me on the arm, it would hurt. So, please vaccinate yourself.

My arm was sore last night, but that is nearly gone today.

Looks like Johnson & Johnson is about to get the EUA for its single-shot vaccine. Bring it on. The more doses we can get, the faster we get out of this mess. Even in College Station. Of course the Aggies probably are sniffing their vaccine.

For whatever reason, my arm was not sore after either shot. But the day after the second shot, I accidental bumped into the side of a door and I felt it bad. I think different people get different reactions, but even the worst reaction seems to be mild.

I hate to say this but the day after I received my second shot (Moderna) was pretty bad. Sore arm, headache all day, and just very sluggish. When I went to bed, I had chills so bad I was shivering. Woke up the next day and felt fine, so it was well worth the one bad day. I know it affects people in different ways so hope mine was just an anomaly.

I had a pretty significant reaction to my second dose of Moderna. The first day was just a mildly sore arm.

But when I woke up the second day, I felt very achy, fluey, and had a slight fever and chills. Went back to bed and had full blown hallucinations/fever dreams for about 6-7 hours. I kept telling myself that it was all fever related and just relax. (Remember Jimmy Carter recommending some Allman Brothers after the orange sunshine).

But, it was soon over. I felt fine after the initial and I’m glad I got the shot.

A vaccine triggers a response from your immune system, and that response is what gives you the side effects. I had the sore arm and the sluggishness but not the headache or chills.

From what I have heard/read, this is completely normal and even expected by about 30-40% of those receiving the shot. I’m preparing for that (glad my 2nd shot will be on a Friday, hoping I’m not in that 30-40% group, but ready to ride it out for a day or two if I am.