Got my season tickets today

Did I screw something up? I downloaded all the tickets to my google wallet and they all are in there and ready to scan. I downloaded them directly from my e-mail for each game listed. I then logged into my account and just to make sure everything was right, I clicked on “transfer tickets” which I transfer my daughter’s 2 tickets before each game. I got a message saying I didn’t have any transferable tickets in my account?

I noticed the instructions in my email, further down the page, said to go to my mobile ticket account, log in and then I would see the tickets. Then transfer to my wallet from there. I didn’t do that, but transferred straight from my e-mail this morning, which it allowed me to do. I now can’t get into the tickets in my account through the app. When I click on the ticket logo at the bottom of the app page, it just flashes over and over and doesn’t connect to my account or tickets?

Obviously, if I can’t get to my tickets in my account, I cannot transfer them. That’s not a real problem because we travel to the game together and they are all available in my wallet. But if they or I can’t go to a game, I cannot transfer to anyone else if they aren’t in my ticket account?

Is it possible that they are just having a problem with the app and I’ll be able to get in later?

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I checked the app and mine said tickets could be downloaded 2 days before the game.

I already have all 7 games (3 tickets each) downloaded to my android wallet. They all look like last year, and are ready to be scanned. The e-mail I got listed all seven games and it said to access the tickets, click on each link below. It let me click on each game and then gave me the link to transfer each of the 3 tickets to my wallet. They are now all there and ready to scan. I thought it was strange that I didn’t have to log into the Razorback app and then into my account to see the actual tickets to transfer?

Here’s a copy of the e-mail I got, it let me transfer all 3 tickets to those 7 games to my wallet when I clicked on each team:

“Your Mobile tickets are ready to download! Please click the link below to view and download your tickets.”

“Click here for your tickets
South Carolina
Missouri State
Ole Miss
2022 Football Season Tickets”

In my Foundation account, when I click on “My order history”, I see all these games listed and in the details it shows “delivery delayed” for each game. However, they were all there in the e-mail and are now all in my wallet and ready to scan?

No problem in my app on transferring, but I added them thru the app, instead of the email. Correction, I couldn’t transfer the 2 comp tickets, it said they would be available later on to transfer, and add to my wallet.

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Thanks, it was the same for me on my 2 comp tickets to SC. I finally was able to get into my ticket account through the app and they are all there in my account. I don’t know why, but I had to sign out of my foundation acct, my app, and my ticket account. I then had to sign back into all 3 of those in order and then, through the app, I was able to access my tickets and they ready to transfer if needed. whew, crazy.

Just FYI, you don’t necessarily have to “transfer” the tickets through the Foundation. You can simply take a snapshot of the ticket on your phone with a camera app and send to someone via text or e-mail.

Much easier and quicker, especially for game-day ticket sales/giveaways.

Good to know. A foundation rep said it had to be done through their transfer instructions because the purchaser had to have, or open, a ticket account. I figured it was really just that they wanted to get the information from the purchaser so they could contact him/her about buying season tickets in the future.

To get my tickets from ricepig for the baseball super regional in Chapel Hill, I had to have a UNC ticket account. Which I had opened anyway in case there were some tickets that went up for public sale after the UNC donors got through with them. Perhaps the text-email approach would have worked too, but to transfer tickets, yeah.

I got my 2 complementary tickets.

You might need to contact the ticket office.

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