Got my popcorn ready

I’ve been waiting on this Houston vs GSW series all year. Like both teams so right now I’m neutral. Would like to see Chris Paul and Coach Dantony (sp?) get to the finals so a slight lean to the Rockets.

But I’m calling it Warriors in 6.

Would like to see a Boston vs Houston final. Tired of Cavs and Warriors. I never liked Celtics but am beginning to fall in love with this group of Celts.

Boston is the better team. You will get half your wish.

I’m rooting for a Boston vs Golden State finals. Cleveland doesn’t have anything but Lebron and their defense is atrocious. Golden State would just sweep them, most games would probably be blowouts.

Boston reminds me of the new San Antonio, no matter who they put out there they are competitive and their coach gets the absolute most out of them and they are going to play hard the whole game. I still think GS would handle them but it would be much more competitive than a Cleveland series.

The NBA became a joke to me when KD was allowed to become a Warrior. Like I still watch but it’s just so cheap. You let a 7-foot MVP and all-NBAer join the best team in league history. Just destroyed the league’s competitive balance.

But for reasons unknown NBA prevented Chris Paul from teaming up with Kobe and Gasol for the Lakers.

Comments: I wouldn’t be to fast to write Sir James off, it appears he is still more than able to put the Cavs on his back and carrying them to the NBA finals

It did not start there Lebron and the heat before him the Celtics with Kg, Pierce and Ray

None of those teams had posted the league’s all-time best record the year before or joined the team that had eliminated them in the playoffs with a 3-1 lead the year before.

Not sure why there is such animosity toward guys going to situations where they can win a ring, which it is all about.

The Celtics did it, LeBron did it, KD did it.

Certainly I did when I went to left the newspaper to work full-time for Hawgs Illustrated.

I think you are looking at this from KDs perspective which was not the point. The point is the NBA has the responsibility of putting a good product on the floor. The poster doesn’t think they’ve accomplished that.

A strange series between GS and Houston, one game close and the rest blowouts and yet tied 3/3. Whoever wins the West will put a big hurt on the East champion for the Big Guy trophy.

If the Warriors come through the West, they will win it all. Otherwise, Boston wins it all.

Do the Warriors have one more comeback in them? I’m very close to going 0-2 in my pronogiscating.

One of us will go 0-2.

The refs are doing their part to help the Warriors stay in the game. Several missed fouls on Harden.

Another disastrous 3rd Q for the Rockets and Curry is an assassin.

It’s over.

Cavs in 7.

You’re crazy bro. No way they can beat the Warriors in a 7 game series.

Warriors in 5, maybe a sweep.

If the Cavs can play defense like they did in game 7, it can be a series. And they need Kevin Love in the lineup fast.

Otherwise the Dubs cruise. However…

The first half last night exposed some cracks in the CS armor which Cleveland can exploit. Heck, even in the second half if Houston hadn’t laid 24 consecutive bricks from deep they might still have won (never mind if CP3 had been healthy). Steve Kerr has to get some things fixed fast.