Got My COVID Vaccine Yesterday!

So far so good, no side effects. I am so ready to move on and quit worrying about this virus as much. Our hospitals and staff here in Monroe area are on the brink of being overwhelmed bc nurses, docs, etc have contracted the virus and are out, plus hospitals are at full capacity. I dread what it’s going to look like after Christmas bc I think we are seeing the full blown effect of Thanksgiving right now.

Anyway, I researched the vaccine a lot before I took it, and I’m obviously in that 1st phase, so I took it. I really hope they’ll be able to work thru these lists/quickly.


glad to hear it , I had a sore shoulder the next day, but did not bother me working out at all, really minimal side effects. this is day 3 and can’t tell i had a shot at all. except I can jump 10 feet and I’m shooting a little bit of web from my wrists, lol


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You guys and gals on the front line of this pandemic are the teal hero’s of this crazy year. Thanks for your dedication to helping others.

You are much appreciated!


So glad to have the Docs on this board keeping us abreast on the real facts of the virus.
Thanks guys for the info, opinions,and of course for the real work you’re doing at the forefront of this thing.

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Took mine Thursday.
Found out that morning, (while waiting to have surgery myself) that it was being given to our physicians on a walk-in basis.

Had a lithotripsy, woke up from anesthesia, and went downstairs to get the vaccine.

Felt like crap yesterday, but that was from passing all the gravel of the crushed kidney stone.

As far as I can tell, no issues from the vaccine.

Every physician, nurse, and medical staff people are HEROES as far as I am concerned. I am SO glad to hear you got the vaccine. 95% efficacy? That is a dream stat. That is better than anyone could have reasonably hoped for, honestly. Now we just need to get it out there and convince everyone to take it.

Than maybe my wife Mary can have a life again…and other folks like her all over the world.

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There are two advantages to being older than dirt during a pandemic. My income hasn’t been hurt and I will be in the 1c group (third in line) to be eligible to receive an inoculation.

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You alluded to my concern about vaccination down here…getting people to take it! It’s effective and so far shows no red flags for safety concerns. This vaccine and virus will be studied for years, so long term issues will be known later. The same was said for other vaccines in the past, like polio, small pox, etc.
This thing will work and society and the economy can move on if people will take the vaccine. I truly believe that!

Our governor moved all school teachers and school support staff up to the second group,
That puts me on schedule to get it in January.

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