Got my blowout

I asked for a blowout. I got a blowout!

20 part margin. I’ll take it.

Although I was getting completely greedy in the first half. I was dreaming of a 40 part margin. Won’t lie.

But 20 will do.

When Devo plays like this, it lifts everyone.
I was a “tad” disappointed Pinion didn’t see more minutes. It was like he came in, missed on open 3, and “ok, you had your chance. You missed an open three. Back to the bench with you.” But Graham came in and played really well.

I was surprised Graham didn’t play more in the second half. Though he wasn’t scoring like he often does. But Muss has lit a fire under his rear. His work rate is way up from earlier in the year.

On to Baylor. Let’s beat those cheating, santimonious Grant T. legacy so and so’s.
And if we don’t win, at least play them close. I know…no moral victories. Except when it comes to tourney seeding, there kinda is.


I think Pinion missed two 3’s but your point is the same (played 7 minutes). As Muss says often, about match ups so maybe he thought it would be tougher for Pinion to stay in front of the LSU guards vs. the Ole Miss ones.

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I was thinking the same thing and thought a score of 86 - 40 was coming our way. It was a great win and momentum is building to make a run for the next two months.

I got a kick out of the ESPN halftime headline lead-up in the UK game.

It said Arkansas “held off” LSU.

I don’t think they ever got it to single digits in the second half, and they scored 40, total. Really held them off.

Had their initial 2nd half spurt continued and Arkansas’s combination of turnovers, poor shooting, and less rebounding likewise continued from the first 6 minutes, the score could have easily been tied in the fifties…thank goodness for the three by AB, Devo’s 4 points and the six points by dunks from Mitchell and Graham midway in the second half. I suppose the better description was the Awakened Hogs “Refilled” their Twenty-Point Margin and employed Dean Smith’s Four Corner Offense the Last Four Minutes.

I am surprised Dunning and the walkons didn’t get in the last minute. I think Muss wanted a win with a big spread, I think he is a bit disappointed that they didn’t win by more than 20. Just watching his facial expression in the last few minutes.