Got My 2nd COVID Vaccine Today!

Let’s hope this thing works, so we can move forward with protection. Y’all, honestly I am really tired(not from the shot) from all these sick folks we are treating and dealing with, plus all the misinformation out there that we get questioned about/argued with. Long hours these past couple weeks, and I’m worried its going to get worse. Too many good people I know from church and such are gone too soon.

Our hospitals here are at full capacity. I’d hate to know exactly how many swabs I’ve ordered these past couple of weeks and how many are positive.

I’m so hopeful that some of these elderly folks can get this vaccine soon. We are all tired…


God Bless you and thanks for all you do. It’s a really sad situation for sure.

I’m glad that you got that second shot. I cannot imagine all that you are struggling with. Bless you for your hard work and know that you are appreciated.

I know that the plan is to begin the “1B” inoculations in early February. I hope I can get on the list early in the month.

Getting my second one tomorrow, or actually later today.

What’s the misinformation?

Thanks for what you do. I can’t imagine being in your field right now.

The misinformation of not wearing masks nor socially distancing, but mostly which meds to use for this and following the science of it and not whatever stuff they are hearing on the news or from friends who heard something on their favorite cable news. And I’m sure every primary care doctor on here deals with the same thing…which drugs to use for these mild patients and putting it all in context for the non-medically trained. Trying to educate patients, explain why you are choosing these particular treatments over what they’ve heard/read on news outlets.

One of my old nurses gave me a coffee mug years ago that I love…it says “Do not confuse your Google search with my medical degree!” Lime I said, we are all just tired I guess and having to be extra patient with folks. As my wife likes to say, “choose joy.”


Good luck Doc and thank you. People, wear your masks and get the vaccine. If not for yourself, do it for others. It’s not a matter of liberty or freedom. Not even close. It’s a matter of looking out for your fellow man, his health and your health, and getting a bunch of small businesses back up and running. Follow the science, not silly, unreliable Facebook doomsayers and anecdotes.

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Got my 2nd vaccine shot Wednesday—and my office also conducting daily swabs and with high positive returns.I tell my people there is much we just don’t know about this horrible disease but one thing we do know is that vast majority of those who test positive don’t really get sick.I’ve been intrigued in my patient population as to why some folks get deathly ill and most little problem— a 96 year old ventilator patient for a week who is now home doing well and a 42 year old who is dead about 2 weeks after testing positive.I’m also amazed at the resistance to the vaccine.We in my office have been very fortunate because we deal with it daily and none of my front line people have contracted the virus.


I’m 77 and 1B. I have been referred to the Missouri Covid Hotline and they don’t seem too enthusiastic that I will get it anytime soon.

If I do get the shot sooner than later can I attend a game?

You can go today without a shot! Actually the next game is tomorrow, but you get the point.

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With or without the shot, you still must mask up and follow social distancing requirements.

Unless you are eating or drinking, and sitting with your group.

Disclosures from the doctors here are that the immunity is effective approx. 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination shot.

I guess what I meant to ask. Will they increase the number of people that will be allowed in the arena?

Nope, it hasn’t been proved that you can’t spread it, just that in 94-95% of the time you won’t get a severe case. I’ve had my Moderna vaccination for 5 months now, doing fine, but we generally won’t know the actual answer to those questions for some time.

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The first two yes. Not the last. Even if you’re holding a drink and not drinking it usher will instruct you to put your mask back on. Sitting with a group doesn’t change this with it without food and drink. I think fans think it does.

I’ve been to every game, both football and basketball, I haven’t had an usher tell me to do anything. I keep a drink with me at all times, just in case.

I am 1 B. Was at Docs this weeks on routine deal and learned a little about the vaccine line. As it comes in all the folks in their association (UC Health) that are 1B are put in a random drawing and when your name comes up, you get an email and txt. He said to drop whatever and go right then, because if you don’t , you are moved to the back of the line. They expect to be finished with 1 B by 2/28 for what that is worth.

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