Got a question on the Nov 4th exibition game, flying

in from Sacramento,Ca do they charge for these games? Assume I can just walk up and Buy? Being from Ca I want to check this out while I’m in town

Yes, I am sure you can find a ticket upon arrival.

Or you can call the ticket office and I am sure they will hook you up.

800-982-4647 or 479-575-5151

You can call as Dudley suggested, or you can check out the on-line ticket center: MBB Single game tickets

I would suggest you do as Marty posted. This past Monday I bought my tickets to this Nov 4th game on line at that site. There were lots of LL seats available. You can buy them on line and then print the tickets yourself or have them sent to your cell phone. They will offer you several options for ticket delivery.

Appriciate the info