Got a question for everybody on the b-ball board

Please list or answer this question on this 2019/20 team
Who would you consider elite talent?
Who would you consider great talent?
Who would you consider above good talent?

Just trying to gauge the talent on our team that everybody thinks we have

We are just short 3 players that can play defense and provide pop on the offensive end. The players we have are fine. They play way too many minutes.
Cyllia hasn’t shown the scoring ability that he had at his precious school!
Henderson shows some promise but not enough to stay on the floor.
Face it Whitt and Harris has a bad night and we were without Joe. We were lucky to be in the game.
We have not took a loss this year is blowout fashion. We have had a chance to win every game we’ve played.
With this next recruiting class coming in the SEC better take notice.
If we make the dance or NIT it’s a bonus with this roster.
We are limited at the point guard position. We have no 5 man that can dominate around the rim.

I think that we need to ask about the player’s actual performance also.


Elite. Joe.
Great. Jones Whitt
Good. Sills Chaney.


Elite Jones
Great. Joe Whitt
Good. Sills

Elite: nobody

Great: Jones and Joe(when healthy)

Good: Whitt and Sills

Potential to finish the season on a strong note: Harris and Chaney.

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