Got a question for everybody about where we stand today

I’m sure JCP is good at her regular job and is a very smart person. And, you always have to have a first hire.

I just hate that we are the first. This is the most competitive coaching carousel in recent memory and the interim AD’s HC hiring experience consists of being somewhat involved in the hiring of an ultimately failed HC at a P5 football outpost.

She said her first was in 2007, I believe in the presser.

She either assisted in hiring Bill Lynch who was 19-30 in four years at Indiana, or she assisted in hiring Kevin Wilson at Indiana who was 26-47 in six years, yep she assisted in a GREAT hire. She deserves to have us be quiet, she is even better than Long and an incredible judge of football coaches.

Why don’t you let it play out?

Bret was on paper a fantastic hire.
I don’t think I need to put his record out there, we all know it.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out.

Let her do her job, and then judge her on the result, I can promise you one thing.

JCP will not have a presser tomorrow stating that she is reconsidering her ability to hire because Bakedhog19741 of said she couldn’t do it well.

That I guarantee you!

And she WILL NOT HIRE A GOOD COACH, because Bigsassy88 of WholeHogSports thinks she can.

I don’t doubt JCP’s brains or her native ability to do the job as AD. However, she never played football & sure as hell hasn’t coached it. I understand neither of those things are essential for the AD, but when the sole job for the interim AD is to hire a new HC in a conference like the SEC, it sure as heck helps a lot. We need someone who knows how to evaluate coaching. Does anyone really believe she & Steinmetz know how to do that? Does anyone really believe anyone on the BOT does?

I hope both JCP & Steinmetz know enough to know they don’t know enough to make that evaluation. We all have our own favorites & we all have a layman’s idea of who can do the job. We might even be right in our choices. After all, any of us can tell if a coach has been somewhat successful at where he’s been. But often a very smart football person might know when that’s fools gold. He might also know when some unknown is really a better choice. (That was one of JFB’s gifts. When it came to sports he hadn’t coached, he knew who to call to find out. Thus we got Sutton & Richardson.)

We all recognize Gus can coach. If he weren’t divisive, he’d be a good choice by consensus. Norvell is a bigger gamble. So is Venables. But someone with real expertise is more likely to know.

Regardless, JCP is still only interim & she’s never been the one in charge—even at a smaller program. That matters in evaluation & negotiation at this level. All that leads me back to my original concern. The BOT didn’t handle this well.

I guess we will wait and see.

Right now its your assumption she won’t hire a good coach.

We don’t know.

Do I think she can hire a good coach? Absolutely, I could hire a good coach, you could hire a good coach. Does that mean it will work out? Absolutely not.

But we will see if she hires a good coach that works out, because whether you like it or not, she’s hiring the coach.

Maybe they’ll hire the search firm that LSU and Ole Miss hired. They went to Baton Rouge and Oxford to find their coaches. I’m sure Paul Rhodes is a great coach.

Yep, I agree.

I also don’t think we will hear anything until next Sunday. I just have a feeling our next coach is busy this weekend (and no NOT Gus). I would be willing to bet money, she isn’t the person who actually picks, but I bet she’ll get the blame if it’s a bad one, and the real pickers (Good Ole Boys/BOT) will take credit if it’s a good one.

Do you honestly think she will only consult Steinmetz and some of the Board?

That’s a bit out there.

She will consult many people who she ha connections with, who have experience hiring coaches. She’s not an idiot like people are making her out to be. I’m sure she will talk to very many knowledgeable people who understand what it takes in the SEC.
There’s so much small minded nonsense. This is a big deal hire, she understands that. The thought that she doesn’t know how to conduct it is absurd. She knows who to consult and how to do it.
She’s much more capable than anyone on this board.

Who cares that she didn’t play football. Many ADs never played football.
That factor is irrelevant.

So if or coach is busy this coming weekend, he’s coaching in a conference championship.

You wouldn’t be happy with a coach in a conference championship? That wouldn’t be a good hire?

Be careful, you may have to eat some crow in the coming weeks/years.

When did I say that, I said SHE WOULDNT HIRE A GOOD COACH BECAUSE YOU SAID SO. SHE WONT HIRE THE COACH. Now, are there good coaches in championship games this weekend? Yes! Are they all good coaches? NOPE.

By the way, the last time we had a coaching hire the entire board told me I’d eat crow because I said he wasn’t a good coach. Hmmmmm…I don’t think I’ve had the crow, but everyone else has.

I agree. I think we’re on track. Just like the Neb AD said in respecting Frost & his team, we’re likely waiting till after the conference champ games & will announce our new coach next Sunday. No sources

I’ll send JCP an email, and make sure she knows she’s a fool for not consulting you.

Forgive me for underestimating your vast intelligence.

You should have sole power to hire the next coach!
You clearly know better than anyone who is actually qualified to do this.

No. I’m reasonably confident she’ll consult some knowledgeable people. I also said it isn’t a requirement that an AD played or coached. But as an interim, hiring the head football coach is her only job. At least it might as well be. I’d rather the person “heading up the search” was someone with national connections or had significant relationships with people in this state with in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be a coach in the SEC—from what it takes to recruit, to teach the game to players, when to complicate the schemes, when to simplify them, how to evaluate players & AC’s.

I don’t know how long she’s known she’d have this job, but at most it hasn’t been more than a month. That’s not a lot of time to gather the people around her she needs to properly evaluate. If her job is to just ink the coach or couple of coaches we’ve already targeted, it’s one thing. If her job is to actually conduct the search & make the decision, it’s something else again. It’s all that that has me worried. And that’s nothing against her. It’s a concern that arises out of all the apparent disarray I”m sensing from the BOT.

You’re right that it might all play out fine & we’ll all be happy with the hire. We might have an understanding already with someone like Venables or Norvell. And even if we’re not happy with the hire, we might be happy with how he does on the field. But I”m still not feeling confident right now.

All understandable.

But while she may be new to the AD position, she’s not new to the field. She’s very experienced, and Im sure she has many connections. When she was named interim the insiders stated many positive things about her.

We will just have to see.