Got a question for everybody about where we stand today

It seems most are quick to say we have no plan. How do we know we have no plan? Even the mods have said they don’t know and its only been 48 hrs. If you were in charge of a major change at a big Co would you play close to the vest? I’m sure most would so how do we really know whats going on with everything? I’m in Ca so I don’t get as much local news as most, seems we all agreed for the most part that a new direction for FB was needed and I’m to far away to totally understand the JL deal. Tenn getting GS kinda baffles me, seems the BOT has smart people involved that are successful so lets see what happens before we go crazy on a message board 48 hrs after change was made

actually this is a good scenario to conduct a search since all the media and fans (at least many posters on here) are apoplectic and beside themselves…everyone is distracted by their anxiety, conspiracy theories, and feelings of doom so the time is perfect to conduct a quiet, under the radar search. Nobody is tracking call numbers on airplanes or who was seen with whom and when, etc. Everyone is distracted now go on about your business.

The problem, imho, is that any good coach is going to want to know who their AD is going to be and understandably so. Long was fired before the BOT/Chancellor had a replacement in mind. They should have had that one locked up but either didn’t have a list at all or they are moving further and further down the list with no success.

I don’t expect a coach in 48 hours. I do expect to have an AD hired by now so the new AD can hire the coach.

I’ve heard they did have an AD in mind, and something happened

So that one WASN’T locked up, they don’t seem to have had a clear Plan B, and so now they are scrambling to find an AD so we can hire a coach in an active market. What a bunch of pros!

So you just made a judgment because someone posted something “they heard”.

C’mon, people!

Studies show that of the things humans worry about, 90% never happen. Everyone is getting all worked up about things they do not know to be fact.

Yes, Doc, I’m all worked up because of his post. Geez. :roll: I’m sitting here in a recliner, munching on some popcorn, having a beer, and listening to this idiot talk his way over a good Razorback basketball game. Hardly worked up.

The prior post just reiterated what I feel like is happening. The powers that be didn’t have their ducks in a row to move on the AD and they now scrambling a bit. Doesn’t surprise me when you make decisions based on a personal grudge vs. performance (the AD situation).

It doesn’t matter what “ducks you had in a row”, when it comes to the actual hiring of a coach or an AD, things change, other openings occur and games are won. There is NEVER a guarantee that the first choice will actually take the job.

Bottom line, we are going to be without a proven Head Coach. Think Florida and Tenn. waited for the season to end to start searching for a coach? Bothe were probably done deals weeks ago. And we are stuck with a clueless AD and Her boss that just wanted to show that he IS boss.

I worry about our bot—we fire an AD that a few short year ago was national AD of the year— prolly fired because he stood his ground about firing B.B. and possibly the stadium expansion which the bot approved—so with a school yard attitude I’ll show and he was fired— before the coach was fired—now we have neither with a newby asst ad who says she has authority to hire along with her boss who is an Ohio State reject— early signing date right corner- ton other schools looking for coaches—timing and sequence of events does not want me to jump up and down about the strength of our BOT—seems me like some “I’ll show you”attitude in play— I’ve been scholarship donar since inception that concept and have never been so concerned about the direction our program.

Why do you say the Chancellor is an Ohio State reject?

No valid reason other than I understand he came from Ohio State — I could be wrong but trying to express my disgust with current state of affairs and media report that he and the assistant AD are heading the search for our coach— neither have Arkansas ties that I’m aware of and that cheapens their ability to select right person for this post.I continue to greatly question the situation we find our selves occupying as result of the timing and sequence of events.

I have no confidence in the BOT at this point, but I don’t know of anything that would make Steinmetz any more incapable than any other Chancellor from being involved. That said, I’m not too thrilled with the idea the Chancellor is involved. The last chancellor we had to got very involved with athletics was John White. He had lots of Arkansas connections & was a disaster for our athletic program. People who understand football need to be hiring the football coach. Even an AD needs to listen to people who know how to evaluate coaches. We were lucky to have such a person in JFB. There aren’t many like him out there

JFB could fire a coach anytime and he had a few names in mind to call when he needed a new coach. That’s planning and preparing that this BOT and Interm AD have no clue about. It may very well be that this hire is going to take place without regard to anything other than what they want.
The bottom line changes had to happen in football again. We will go through this again in about 3 to 5 years. Get ready it will happen. I’m thankful for basketball season. Looking forward to baseball season and will pay no attention to spring ball or summer practice ever again.
Who ever they hire will have a cream puff schedule next year that may give us a false sense of hope then the next year reality will hit us straight on.

Exactly this.

Most will agree that things seem to be in disarray, but they usually do when you don’t know the facts and what is being done behind closed doors. We will know soon enough if things actually are in disarray or if someone has pulled off the coup if the year. Suspense and intrigue continues to build at a fever pitch, can’t wait to become elated or deflated, either way I’m ready for this chapter of Arkansas football to be over and start reading about recruiting and the new direction of our program. WPS

Spot on.

I don’t understand the freaking out.

There are plenty of very smart people in charge. They also know 100x as much as any regular joe on this site.

We know practically nothing that is going on, yet so many claim that the BoT are idiots, or the Chancellor, or JCP, just calm down and wait.

Things have a way of working themselves out, and more is always brought to the attention of the ignorant. We are the ignorant right now.

Relax, have a drink, it’ll be done soon. But do not attack the people in charge until it’s all said and done.

And this is the problem with this whole clown show. For people who are paying so much lip service to our culture and history, you would think they know all about our history of thinking there was a “Plan” and then having the “plan” blow up in our faces.

Tuberville. Butch Davis. The ridiculious Gruden stuff. Bill Self. Billy Gillespie. Dana Altman. Buzz Williams.

Yes, it had only been a day. And we have known this was coming for a month.

And now, similar programs from all over the country are making bold, decisive moves and waiting on a guy who isn’t coming here. No chance.

So, if the “Plan” was to fire one of the best ADs in the country and sit around and wait on a guy that it was easy to see could very easily/probably stay and then scrounge around and hire a horribly bad fit in a guy like Leach then this “Plan” was and is a clown show.

Normally, I’d agree with you that because those in charge know more than the fans, the worry or concern fans are showing is premature. You’re still correct that those in charge have a very good “Plan B” in place & things are working quite well in that direction. I sure hope you’re right. But right now, everything we’ve seen & heard is that isn’t the case. They fired the AD or made the decision to in a board meeting 3 weeks ago. Then the announcement was made 10 days later. Then a few days after that, we learned a search committee is in place to find one. There’s been no explanation for firing him other than, “he’s lost the confidence of the fans & we haven’t won enough football games.” (Those are great reasons for firing the coach, but not so much for the AD.). And then to no one’s surprise we fire the HC with no permanent AD named. Then we have the interim AD tell us she’s in charge of the HC search & that they only decided to fire the coach when they’d seen 4 quarters of the MIssouri game. And that’s before you get into the veracity of the rumors that our #1 coaching target is now looking more firmly entrenched where he is.

What in this scenario gives you confidence anyone up there has a plan or knows what they’re doing? For me, nothing I’ve seen gives me that confidence. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan & a backup plan. It doesn’t mean things can’t work out even if they don’t know what they’re doing. But while I was willing to give the BOT something of the benefit of the doubt initially, I’m not so confident now.

I get where you’re coming from.

I also see that JL being fired was something that may not make a lot of sense, we also do not know everything involved. Just losing confidence in fans and major boosters is enough to fire any AD. Long did some great things, but be honest, he did some not so great things either.

Bret being fired, we all know that was decided well before the end of the game. That was “AD speak”

JCP is perfectly qualified to hire a coach, she knows what the fans want and expect. She is experienced and will be a full time AD soon, if not for us, someone else. She has a perfect guide of what didn’t work, and what went wrong.

Very rarely in a coaching search does a school get their 1st option. Even if you do, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work out.

As far as I’m concerned I have never seen that Gus was option 1, JCP never announced it, so how do we know that? Obviously he’s a target, but even that we don’t know much about.

Of course JCP says she’s in control, she has every right to be. I am all for her getting to full time gig, I think she is perfectly capable and well suited.

I personally, like to wait to see how things play out, watch, listen, there’s always panic, but it works out.

We also have ZERO clue what coaches outside of the names we assume are candidates, are showing interest.

A wise man listens attentively, a fool listens subjectively.

I trust JCP, she has given me no reason not to.

Jeff Long gave me reason not to trust his next HFC hire.