Got a question about how this team plays

My frame of reference is very small and that is why I ask. In the UCA game we seemed to fire away from 3. I realize that is a strength for this team, but do we not have an inside game as well. Seemed for the most part, the offense ran around the outside instead of inside out. I just do not think you can win by just bombing away from out there. We got down to UCA by 10 doing that with no hope of an offensive rebound. I think against most SEC teams, you may never recover from that start.

Am I off base with this? I thought Whitt was a savior last year. Is anyone trying that? Do we have any real Post Play?

Like I said, I have very little to go by. Perhaps I am concerned about nothing.

I don’t think your off base at all that has been my concern with this team and last year as well. This team will have to will have to get in transition to play at its strength, half court basketball will not be that effective against really good defensive team unless we somehow get better inside

Not off base at all in your observation. When you shoot from the perimeter as option #1, you’d better have another option when shots aren’t falling.

Other options include:
A) A true offensive post presence
B) Attacking the rim off the dribble
C) A midrange game
D) A great defense that creates transition opportunities to minimize your half court deficiencies.

Looks like our best option for A will be situational with Smith, depending on matchups.

So far, Desi seems to be most consistent at option B. He changed the UCA game when he came in and started attacking the basket. I think Moses will provide points here too. This is where you miss Mason Jones.

The best players at option C seem to be those that know shooting 3’s isn’t their strength, so they develop their game inside the arc. Smith seems the one most likely to provide points here, but this is where you miss Whitt.

We are a good, not great defensive team so far. Points in transition will likely be our next best scoring option against a great half court defensive team.

The key to all of this discussion is coaching. Adjusting in game to counter what your opponent is doing or fix what you are not doing, is the reason coaching is perhaps more important than talent in basketball. You’d better have both at this level… but the ability of our coaching staff to figure out all these moving parts is exactly the reason to be excited about Hog basketball again.

More than half of our points came in the paint against UCA. The difference in the game was our paint scoring as UCA pretty much matched us from 3.

We didn’t shoot from the perimeter as option one. We attacked the basket.

You do have a point, but I think it’s still premature even 6 games in because we haven’t played great competition. We are getting away with some of what Musselman is allowing our men to do because the competition isn’t that great. BUT, one difference from last year is we have a lot of guys attacking the basket more. I have the same concern you have. Vanover will get pushed around by stronger centers that post up and Justin Smith is pretty good down low, but if he gets in foul trouble, we’ll be in trouble. Jaylin is still developing, so we’ll see how he progresses.

I’m talking about our offense in the half court. In the UCA game, we were down 10 (22-12) 8 and a half minutes into the game. To that point, we were 5-13 from the field …… 2-8 from 3 and 3-5 from inside the arc. The 3 two-point baskets at that point were all layups (one dunk) on the fast break.

So, we were down 10 points 8 1/2 minutes into the game, and we were shooting 20% (2-10) from the field, excluding fast break layups. 80% of those non fast break shots were from 3.

Thereafter, we began attacking the basket more in the half court (and took better care of the ball), and the game changed.

Taking an eight minute snapshot in any game will give you a headache. One thing about Muss, his in-game adjustments are taken seriously by the players. Everyone knows who the boss is, and if something is outside the game plan, things change. Doesn’t mean they will always execute, but if the players want to play, they listen. The college game is headed toward the NBA outside shooting style, and Muss is knee deep into it. When we get into SEC play, Muss will bend the team into the shape that is most likely to win and sometimes that will be more post play, pounding down low. We’ll see how the players handle it.

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