Got a new phone last week

I had the iPhone 7 for nine years. It was starting to do things that made me think there was a chance it could crash so I made sure to get another.

I had one crash years ago and I lost most of my contacts. I think it was when I got the 7 that I was able to find out how many contacts I had. The AT&T employee commented on how long it was taking to download my contacts. She said at the time I had 5,000 plus contacts.

I was told you could look at the end of your contacts you could see the number of contacts but unless I was missing something I could never find it on the 7.

The 12 does show the amount contacts and now I’m up to 7821.

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That’s a lot of contacts RD, are there any you need to hide from the Mrs? Seriously though, an IPhone 7? Dude that thing was antiquated

I get comfortable with something and I’m good. Did everything I needed.

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Apple sent my wife’s stepfather a new cell phone last year because he had a 5S that was no longer capable of receiving software updates.

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I hear you

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