Got a feeling we may see a change in Batting order

Just a gut feeling but I think we could see a change in lineup tonight. I would probably switch Smith and Franklin because Smith even though he’s not hitting for average hes getting on base a lot of and we need that for the middle of the order guys

I thought we would, looking forward to seeing how we do with it

Pitching order is the bigger problem

Everything is, why we are 13th in hitting and 10th in pitching in the SEC and why I posted about a week ago we weren’t playing like #1 team now we for sure no we are not close to it.

After getting beat 16-1, we are not the best team in the country.

We got a lot of problems.

We were not the best team in the country before Bama pasted us.

Right now, I am not even remotely concerned about being #1.

We are playing like a non-tournament team at present

Lot of kinks in the rope,got to get them out if we are ever going to do anything. Road schedule is brutal. Could be a long yr but I trust DVH to keep tinkering till he gets it figured out, I personally would have Wiggins start but we will see

Van Horn and staff has gone all analytics instead of keeping “baseball players” around. Baseball players win games, not exit velo and metrics. If you hit 10 balls 100mph exit velo but you strike out 10 times, that’s a 50 average batted in play. The staff is caught up in that stuff and HR’s and K’s don’t equate to long term offensive success.

How many Omaha teams have you coached? This is baseball, teams slump, you lose games, sometimes you even lose ugly. We have one of the best coaches in the country, let’s give him a minute to figure it out. Feel free to jump off the wagon there will be plenty of room for you doom and gloomers when things start rolling again.

Yes, we can come back and start playing winning baseball.

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