Got a call back on Bapt. Health covid trials

Looks like I’m one step from becoming a Covid 19 guinea pig. Some additional info on the trials that surprised me, but I should have probably expected:

  1. My first appointment is Aug 6th;
  2. It is a 25 month trial (surprised me);
  3. The $1,200 or so will be spread out over the 25 months;
  4. I will have to go to Baptist in LR just 7 times over the 25 months;
  5. The first time (8/6) they test me to make sure I haven’t had Covid 19 which would disqualify me from the trials. They also do several other blood tests;
  6. The 2nd trip there is 28 days later;
  7. 50% get a placebo and 50% get the vaccine which contains some dead virus;
  8. You have to download an app and keep a diary for the 2 years;
  9. They will text me periodically with questions and comments;
  10. I told the nurse that I’m the primary care-giver for my 95 year old Mother. My main concern was that I didn’t give her a greater chance of catching Covid 19 from me after getting the test vaccine. She assured me that the vaccine itself (if I wasn’t in the placebo group) could not make me contagious (like an asymptomatic person).

I asked why it needs to go for 25 months if they may get approval this winter or spring? She said, even after approval they still have to continue for another period of time testing for side effects. And, as someone mentioned earlier, this is the Moderna trials.

I haven’t done this before. I’m a little excited, but with a bit of trepidation.

Let us know at the end of the test period if you grow a third eye, extra limbs, horns, or tusks. Although the later may be cool for your fandom. :smiley:

Seriously, good luck with the trials.

Interesting. What happens if another vaccine is proven to be more effective during your 25 month period? Can you take another one or are you precluded?

One of their screening questions was “have you participated in another trial in the last 6 months?”, so, I presume I could not for at least a 6 month period.

My first appointment is August 5. I’m a doctor at Baptist, so when one (or all 3) of these promising Covid vaccines is FDA approved, almost certainly I’ll be required to have one.

I asked the local PI about that this morning, he said that I’ll need to notify the trial folks that I was going to receive an out-of-trial vaccine, but that I would remain in the study.

Interesting time of life, hunh?!?!


Thanks. That raised an interesting question I did not ask this morning. I assume I won’t know if I’m in the test group or the placebo group. I would certainly want to get another vaccine if one is approved, especially if I ended up in the placebo group! I’ll ask that at my first appointment.

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They contacted me too. Told me to get in touch when I get back to Arkansas.

Yep, I’m signed up, too. First meeting is Aug 6th.

I applied but haven’t heard back.

They’ll probably call you soon. I read on here about those who had been contacted, and figured I wasn’t needed. Two hours later, I get a call, lol. I didn’t fit the exact criteria as I’m 62 and retired for several years, but she said you do get out, and I’m like every freaking day!

I live in Fayetteville, would I be able to participate? I definitely meet the age requirements.

My wife and area scheduled for orientation, blood work etc. August 4 Appreciate the heads up

So, if you get the placebo, does this mean you won’t be vaccinated for 25 months?

In a post above, Holden, who is a Doctor at Baptist, said he was told he would receive an approved out of trial vaccine, but would still continue in this trial study. I’m going to ask this exact question as it pertains to me at my first meeting on 8/6.

I just got a notice from CO Heath (U of CO system) about the same trial. I think they were looking for 1500 or so from a bunch of different risk groups.

Yep, from all over the state.

the actual trials link and all trials link if you want to research:

Vandy is still doing the initial recruitment but I am up for the trial, but have done our own randomized trial and it is hard as hell to tell someone that they did not get the active arm but that they randomized to placebo…/

Ray, are you saying they will tell me if I am in the placebo group or the active arm group? If so, at what point will they tell me? Will it only be after an approved vaccine becomes available to the public? Thanks.

I asked that question explicitly, they said “NO” yesterday.

Thanks, if that’s the case, I can tell you for sure, if another vaccine is approved and available to me in the next 5-7 months, I’m going to get it. I’ll let them know in advance and they can decide if they want to kick me out this trial. I’d rather have 2 vaccines in my body than zero vaccines.