Gosh...I'm going to hate it if

…Ole Miss hires Norvell.

Time will tell, but I just think he’ll get have a lot of success there…some of it at our expense.

And it will hurt all the more because we “know” (strongly suspect, at the least) that he was ours if we wanted him 2 years ago.

Now, there may be more to it than I know - I’ll admit that. But I have a bad feeling about him going to Ole Miss and us regretting it.


Same worries here.

Completely agree Wiz. To me, Norvell just felt like the right hire last time. And of course hindsight tells us that he indeed was. I think Norvell could field a dangerous and fun to watch team at a program like Arkansas (and unfortunately Ole Miss). But I’m afraid that ship has sailed for good now.

As you said, there may be more to the story. But someone is going to take a chance on him and I fear we may wind up regretting it. I would much rather see him at FSU than OM or anywhere else in the SEC.

Disagree…can’t dwell on the past or who somebody else hires!

++ he ain’t going to Ole Miss. :sunglasses:

I have missed why “his ship has sailed for good now”. Mind explaining?

Concern with Norvell is whether he can build a program. He inherited a Memphis program that Fuente rebuilt from a 2-9 program to 10-2. Norvell has done a great job of continuing that success but does he have the ability, staff, & recruiting ability to rebuild Arkansas that is in need of a major overhaul?

What you say is true - he did “inherit” a good program at Memphis.

But what he has going for him now is that he’s a “hot” name, with a few years of success and playing in Conference Championship games. His offense is one that will excite skill position players…in other words, he’s got a great story to tell recruits.

Despite our recent woes and Morris’ short tenure, Arkansas WILL give a coach a reasonable amount of time to rebuild. We showed that with Bielema’s first 2 years and also Morris’ first year, as sorry as those were. What did CCM in was that there was NO discernible progress between the team he fielded in the first game of 2018 and his last game coaching in 2019…if anything, there had been digression.

If a coach can make baby steps in the right direction, they’ll have the time they need to turn things around. Whether that’s Norvell or someone else, time will tell.

Sounding more and more like Norvell is Tallahassee-bound. Hate to hear that…wish it were Fayetteville.

But MUCH rather FSU than Ole Miss.

Yeah the other name I’m hearing at Free Shoes is Brian Kelly at ND. I’m having a hard time imagining an ND coach leaving for a “better” job. James Franklin has taken his name out; he’d also been mentioned.