Google Rewards pop up??

Bump. Help, Admins!


I sent an email to nwadmin.

Thanks Marty. It’s worse than ever.

I’m trying this…

Just started happening to me on my iPad. I am posting this from my iPhone. Makes site useless on my iPad.

Hey everyone. We’re trying to run this issue down. It’s difficult since the problem is not effect all users and we haven’t been able to replicate it ourselves. We’ll get to the bottom of it though. Thaks for your patience! I’ll post updates as I have them to this thread.

Can you start a new thread for updates to this problem and maybe lock it at the top and close it to comments? That way we don’t have to all the way to the bottom of the thread to see the latest. It’s already three pages long.

Thanks. Happening to me on my iPad (using chrome) but not my iphone (also using chrome).

I’m using Firefox on my iPad and it happens all time.

If I use safari, hasn’t happened so far. I’m also using purify with safari.

I use Safari on both iPad and iPhone. So far it’s just happening on iPad. I have the latest IOS updates on both devices. So it doesn’t seem to be browser specific or update specific.

I use Safari with Purify (ad blocker) on both my iPad and iPhone. I have not seen the problem.

If it happens, I would be glad to take my device to the techs for inspection.

Thanks, Marty. We haven’t been able to see this in the wild either.

We’re running on a a fresh set of files that this forum runs on now so we’re hoping that will resolve this. If anything it’s a first step.

If everyone would clear their browsing data (cookies/cache) just to be extra sure I’d appreciate it.

As a potentially-related aside, I have experienced a few (MacOS current version, Safari) desktop browser takeovers while on the boards, trying to coerce me into updating Flash, which of course would have actually been malware. Had to completely shut down/restart browser; no backing out, shut down tab, etc. was possible.

My guess is the underlying ad network has allowed for injection of malicious, no-click ads. Could be worth investigating that angle if you haven’t already done so.

This was our first thought and probably the most likely culprit still. Because of our size on and our other news sites we are lucky enough to work with top tier ad networks so it’s rare to see drive-by malware creep in from an ad but it’s certainly not impossible.

That said we felt it best to refresh the core files of the forum with from before this issue arose.

Appreciate everyone’s feedback. We’ll be keeping an eye out.

It’s still happening on iPad and iPhone… Come on, too much going on to be shut out.

Make sure that you have cleared your cache.

I’ve done that a couple hundred times since this started and it hasn’t helped one bit.

I cleared the cache and all the other stuff that was suggested and it’s still there as of 11:15 pm EST Friday.

As bad as ever.

On both iPad and iPhone.

I’m on iPad using Safari and cleared the cache with no change. Still getting pop ups on this thread!