Google Rewards pop up??

Anyone else experiencing a sudden Google Rewards pop up window when trying to navigate the message board on an iPhone?

That’s (likely) a phishing popup. Note the address window; “google” is the server name, while the actual web address is the characters after google. Especially easy to hide the URL on mobile popups because the entire address window does not show like on desktops.

What version of iOS are you using?

Yes. I had that issue the past couple of weeks. Yesterday was the first day it didn’t happen on my iPad and IPhone (ios version 11)

Today the exact same thing happened but it was Comcast rather than Google. And it kept happening for a while.

Very frustating. Only on HI too.

It’s back to the Google deal exactly what Hillcrest posted. I’ve done the fix Marty and Matt suggested at least 20 times with no luck.

Yes it happens multiple times a day. So frustrating


Was happening to me yesterday and today on my Android.

Yes. Happening to me on a regular basis. Almost enough to keep me off the board! If anyone comes up with a fix, please post.

I’m getting it too, but only on HI. So it has to be something infecting this site. I wish the IT folks here would look at this bug and fix it.

Also on Facebook.

For what it’s worth, I also only have this issue while on HI. And I access a lot of different sites multiple times daily.

Same here Hillcrest.

Yes, on my I Phone only and only on this site. Can’t back out of it, have to close the app and restart it. Sometime it comes right back, sometimes it waits awhile. Very frustrating.

I had it happen with Google as well and generally when they had an ad running at the bottom of the screen. And I agree that it was only on HI, which makes it their responsibility to eliminate. It is bad enough to pay for a site and still have to sidestep ads everywhere you go, wait for the ads to download while the rest of the site is frozen, etc.
I was never a big fan of Scout, but I sure do miss those days. I already hate this company for their UA-Fayettleville politics. If Clay, Matt and Dudley ever left I would drop them like a rock. I have learned to like Richard’s and Jimmy’s work, but I hate the company they work for and long for the Arkansas Gazette days.


This deal is out of control today.

It makes reading HI almost impossible.


Same here. It’s happened to me about 10 times so far today. Mostly since lunchtime.


Please have the IT folks look into this issue. I can no longer use this site with my mobile device(IPhone 5s then now a new Iphone 8). I had to go to my desk top to even be able to type this message. This is beyond annoying as I cannot even use the Football forum when I am away from my desk top computer.

Bump :shock:

It’s poped up 8 times while I type this message.

Very annoying just happened again