Goofy prediction

I often check Warren Nolan predictions for baseball. They seem to change hourly. I have no clue what kind of algorithm the site must use, but now they show us getting swept by UGA, USC, and Vanderbilt. They have us sweeping A&M and splitting MSU 2-1. Finish the SEC 16-14


They were all over the place last night. I checked late Tuesday night after all the Tuesday games and they had us with an overall of 41 wins… I checked back this morning and its was down to 35. Sometimes they really do some head scratching things.

He is like reading Wally

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It nice to see what they have posted but it don’t mean a hill of beans

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Small fonts?

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How many of you would be surprised getting swept by GA? I know I would. Not saying it’s not possible, but it would shock me to get swept by
GA! I believe we are a better team,(which we all know the best team doesn’t always win).
Our pitching is coming around and hopefully, Tygart can provide some needed help. That would be huge.
Of course it is questionable how ready and effective he will be after such a long layoff.

Today they’re projecting us with the #5 RPI, 19-11 in the SEC, 40-14 overall. Check back in a couple of hours, it will change. Still projecting sweep by Vandy and losing two to Jawja though. But now they say we’ll beat the Poultry twice (and SoCar is projected as the #1 RPI).

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I don’t think Georgia will sweep
Our hogs it more likely to see our hogs sweep them.
The hogs bullpen has shown out the last few weeks with some freshmen stepping up and getting the job done. The experienced pitchers like Morris have flames out to this point. Thursday it would be nice to have a lead late about 4 or more runs and see Tygart come in and get a couple of outs.
With Woods, Carter, and Foutcha coming out of the bullpen if Tygart is able to be effective Smith becomes a wild card. Start of close.

We sweep. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Yeah that would kinda blow up Nolan’s forecast right there.

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I think your prediction is just as valid as Nolan’s. I used to think his predictions meant at least a little something. Now I look at them as much to see how often they change than to put any credence in their thoughts.

A sweep by either team seems unlikely to me. The Hogs are rolling and will throw our best this eve. Georgia, #30 RPI, not swiss cheese, playing at home….but with abysmal team ERA.

Well in order to get a sweep you have to win game 1! Let’s get the “W” tonight. It would be awesome for Hollan to go 7 or 8 innings and our hogs to have a big lead when he comes out of the game.


I would have never bet on it, BUT that prediction doesn’t seem so weird now. Seems he knew something we didn’t.

No doubt that prediction looks pretty prescient right now.

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